Merry Christmas/God jul

Want to wish everyone a merry Christmas! In Norway today is the day we open our gifts and celeberate. I will be spending Christmas with family.

Hope your Christmas is wonderful!


Almost Christmas

Last week there was a bit of snow

It’s almost Christmas again, and as some of you might know I am a big fan of Christmas. And I have a lot of things that I love doing in the month of December. This year I have, so far, not been able to do it all. This due to the fact that I came down with a really bad case of the flu at the beginning of the month. This still has me feeling off and I can’t really do too much before I get really tired.

But I was able to attend the lighting of the Christmas tree in town with my family. I have gone to this event every time I had the opportunity ever since I was a child and it always helps put me in the Christmas spirit. And I was lucky enough to be able to attend a lovely Christmas  concert that really put me in the Christmas spirit (it was a lovely concert, but some of the spirit might have come from the fever).


Wonderful Christmas concert with Helene Bøksle at a church

I have also been able to join my family in our yearly tradition of baking Christmas cookies together. And I have gotten most of the Christmas presents when I went shopping one day with my mother and one with my brother. The two of us managed to buy 7 gifts in under an hour as we decided to go shopping just as the stores had opened, so it was before the biggest rush of people kicked in.

Today I’m getting together with members of my family to eat dinner, make marzipan and watch the finals of the Woman’s Handball World Championship where we hope Norway will win over France.


Fudge Hot Chocolate is very nice on a cold winter day

Weekend feeling

Sushi and passionfruit beer makes a good start to the weekend

It’s weekend again! And for me it’s a weekend in between a lot of busy times. Som this weekend is all about relaxing and doing some of the things I feel guilty for not doing when I’m busy. The facts that a lot of the things are enjoyable is just a great bonus.

So I started off leaving work a little earlier than I had anticipated. And I went to get some lovely sushi and treated myself to a lovely craft beer with passionfruit. I did a few things that needed doing and the just relaxed on the couch before meeting up with some friends at the pub for a couple.

Today is  a slow morning, enjoying my coffee, reading some blogg posts before we’re going out for brunch later. Thank it’s up to my mums house to help her with a few things and get nice food. The Norwegian men’s  handball team are playing in the world championship som we will enjoy the game on the couch.

And som far there is nothing much planned for Sunday! Ah, I love weekends like this.

Hope your weekend is treating you as well as mine seem to be treating me.

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my 30’th birthday!  Turning 30 feel no different than any other birthday except for all the extra attention. I have had a lovely celebration with good friends and another with family. Today I will go out for a nice meal with my parents.


Some of my gifts

Some of my gifts were for concerts and nice food with friends. So I can look forward to some continued good times in the future!


Cheers from the birthday girl

Hope you’re all doing well!

Quiet Weekend


2 weeks old flowers

This weekend I plan to have a quiet and nice weekend. And so far I seem to be able to stick to the plan. Slow Friday night with good food and a good book. Woke up this morning feeling rested and ready for some coffee, breakfast, podcasts, music and more reading.

Soon feeling ready to go out for a little walk, then some household work, before I go up to my parents to prepare some tacos for family dinner. Then back to my book and a glass of red wine.

Then there is another day of no alarm clock that may bring everything or nothing. Or probably something in between.

Weekends like this is really such a treat. I hope this weekend brings to you what you wish from it.

Christmas is over


Table ready for Christmas party

Christmas is over for this year. For me Christmas of 2015 has been celeberated with my family. We spent Christmas eve with my Dad’s side of the family at my uncle’ s house. I had obviously been nice this year because I got a lot of nice gifts. Including a new nespresso machine from my better half! It was a lovely evening with great food, good conversations and lovely people.


Christmas napkins

The next day we spent with my Mother ‘ s side of the family at my parents’ house as every good Christmas party there was once again great food and great people!

The only downside this year is that I picked up a nasty cold and has spent all this Christmas with a head threatning to explode a fever and all that fun stuff. So all the time I wasn’t trying to stay awake at the Christmas parties I spent in bed or on the couch at my parents house.

Hope that all of you has had a very enjoyable Christmas!

Saint Lucy’s Day


Today is Saint Lucy’s Day and after a hectic week with work and Christmas concerts I had a very quiet day. I went for a walk in the cold crisp air and sunshine. Taking caution on the icy road.


I was at a birthday party for a one year old and got served safron buns called “lussekatt” in Norwegian. And when I went to do some shopping I met a Saint  Lucy parade in the shopping centre.