Lazy weekend

Following the party on friday I’ve had a quiet weekend. I’ve spent most of the time relaxing being very aware that I’m not as young as I used to be and as a result I take longer to recover from a party than before. But I guess I’ve always known this would happen as I got older.

Today I’ve also been at a party. A very different one from the one on friday, mind you. My cousin’s son was 2 and this was celebrated in style! The birthday boy was extremely happy with all his presents, especially a garbage truck. And the cake and cinnamon buns was also a huge hit.

The only other thing I managed to get done this weekend, apart from the partying was to wash some clothes, just to make myself feel better about not doing much. It was about time to, because my hamper was full and my closet started to get a bit empty. So now I think I’ll spend a little more time on the couch and go to bed early as I’m still a bit tired, but hey, we all need to relax from time to time.

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