As most of you might have noticed Christmas is fast approaching. And a huge part of Christmas for my family is traditions. Apart from the obvious traditions like how we celebrate Christmas eve and Christmas day, we have a lot of traditions in the time leading up to Christmas. This weekend has been about some of them.

Friday we celebrated my aunts birthday, which is sort of our first family Christmas party. This year we celebrated her birthday a little early and it came on the 13th the day of Saint Lucia. We did not dress up in white with lights in our hair and hands singing the Saint Lucia son as we did when we where kids, but we did get freshly baked “lussekatter” (a kind of bun with saffron). Good food was served and the traditional dessert cloudberry cream with a Norwegian Christmas cake called Kromkake.

Yesterday I caught up with some sleep and watched a lot of winter sport on TV. Fun to watch the Norwegians do well, and as I’ve mentioned before watching winter sport is something I find very relaxing and it is a perfect activity for when you just want to unwind and clear your head.

Today my family gathered again and spent all day baking and decorating a sort of Christmas cookies. Then we ate dinner and I played a lot with my cousins two-year old. I really enjoy that my family is so close and that we have been able to hold on to these traditions from before I was born. Christmas makes you appreciate your family even more than usual and I am very grateful fo mine.

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