Celeberating Christmas

Another Christmas has past. Bringing plenty of good food, nice gifts and a lot of time with family. We had two large family parties at my parents house this Christmas, so I moved in there to help prepare food and stuff for the parties and to avoid having to get transportation back and forth all the time. On the night before Christmas eve I went back to my childhood home to participate in the traditional “tasting of the Christmas food” and watching the Norwegian pre-Chritmass show on tv.

On Christmas eve (which is he day santa comes to Norway) I woke up and opened the last gifts of my calendar and those from my friends. We made Pinnekjøtt and all the stuff that goes with this dish and visited my grandparents graves with my remaining granddad, my dad and my brother. When the guest arrived we ate, drank had a good time and got all our gifts. I had obviously been good this year because I got everything on my wish list and more! Among other things I got new plates, cutlery and a teapot. And just as importantly everyone seemed to be happy with the things we got them.

A small, but good selection of my gifts this year
A small, but good selection of my gifts this year

On Christmas morning we ha a nice long breakfast before we started to get the house, the turkey and ourselves ready for the next party. This party was a success as well and everyone had a nice time. On boxing day I was tired from all the family parties, even if they where fun they where also draining. So I stayed at home with my dad watching football all day after my mum had gone to work.

All in all a great Christmas, I hope all of you have had a good one too 🙂

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