“New” Library

I had a few things to do in town today, so even if all I wanted was to spend all day on my sofa I had to get out. I really can’t complain about being to tired as I slept for almost  12 hours last night, but I was in great need of rest. But going out getting some fresh air really is not bad either and once I got out I actually felt better. I really knew I would, but it’s hard to believe when your tired. So off to town I went.

I visited the library to see if I found something I wanted to read. The library in Stavanger has been redecorated for some time now and it is finally finished. I think the result was quite good.

New 1st floor of the library
New 1st floor of the library.

The new first floor holds a selection of books from all the departments of the library and there are plenty of places to sit down to read books or newspapers or anything else. It’s also where you find the coffee bar.

Books on display.
Books on display.

I found the new interior very inviting. And I recently read in the newspaper that the number of visitors in the library had gone up. I love the library and as a book lover this place has always been one of my favorite places in town. I’m glad that a lot of other people finds their way here as well. Today it was very crowded so I decided to just have a look around and see how the new library looked like and save the books for later. The sad thing is it seems this is a trend because while the numbers of visitors increase the numbers of books being borrowed decreases. But the library has at least managed to get people to come here. With arrangements like lectures, reading, debates, small concerts and so on. Lets hope that is a trend that continues.

Open and inviting library.
Open and inviting library.


5 thoughts on ““New” Library

  1. This is a very beautiful library. I used to take my children to a library in Galveston, TX that was much like this one, only very old. They loved it. I hope people return to library use. There is something so reverent and “holy” to me about a library. Like the thoughts of hundreds of years collected in one place…

    1. I love the library! I love to walk between the books and see if I can decide what I want to read. Or simply to just walk among all the books and pick one or two at random and see what they are about. Our library now also have good seats to sit and read in. Planing to sit there to read and enjoy a glass of wine some day soon.

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