2014 Olympics, so far, with Norwegian eyes

The winter olympics is the mots important of the olympics for the Norwegians. This is the one where we’re getting, at least should be getting a lot of medals. The media have been filled with all sorts of Olympic news. Before the games began there was a lot of focus on Russia’s laws banning people from talking about being gay in a positive or neutral manner in front of people under 18. This has been reflected in some of the commercials made for the olympics as well.

When the games started the Norwegians got of to a good start winning some of the medals we hoped for. But the cross-country skiing girls team got news that one of their teammates lost her brother. The IOC reprimanded them for skiing with a black band on their arms. According to the Norwegian media everyone is now a bit angry with IOC for reprimanding us for this. Everyone was very happy that Ole Einar Bjørndalen won a gold medal as he is old and very likable.

On Sunday we “only” got some bronze medals. One of them was challenged by the russians in all possible ways, but it looks like we get to keep it. Monday came and there was no medals! And IOC said that Marit Bjørgen might lose her gold due to the fact that some company had used a photo of her for advertising when they were not supposed to. Norwegians not very happy with the IOC here either. And the IOC apparently not to happy with Norway. People are generally calling each other arrogant in the media.

Tuesday the medals started coming again with two golds and two silver medals all should be well. But one look to the Swedish media one would thin we did very poorly. Because our cross-country skier with the largest ego and mouth did not do to well, he has now been left out of the team for the next race. The skier who lost her brother did a very good race, she came in 4th with a broken ski pole.

Wednesday we got a bronze medal by a guy who has died his hair in the colours of the norwegian flag and everyone was happy about the result. Today we got a bronze medal, but as it was a day with potential for more medals and some of our favorites did not do as well as expected it appears in the media that we’re not to happy. We also lost our first curling match (we won the 3 first we played) and will probably lose our ice hockey game later today.

Came over a good story on the internet telling you to cheer for Norway if your own contry is not participating. Enjoy!

6 Reasons to Root for Norway at the Olympics (When the U.S. Is Out of Contention)

2 thoughts on “2014 Olympics, so far, with Norwegian eyes

    1. Thank you. We’re doing quite good for a country our size so I’m not complaining. Some are doing better that expected and some are not doing as good as we hoped in advance.

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