Wedding in Sauda

Sauda fjordhotell

I was a maid of honour at my friends wedding last weekend. The wedding took place at an old hotell in a small place called Sauda. The hotell is located in beautiful suroundings and we were lucky enough to get a room facing the fjord.

View from the hotell

Sauda is a place locateded deep in a fjord and it has quite a beautiful scenary. The town itself is built largely around a big smelting factory of old that is still running today. As you can see from the photos the mountains by the fjord are quite tall and on the night of the wedding the first snow of the year came down on the highest mountains.

One of the places we stopped to take photos

It was a beautiful day for the wedding and we there was loads of fun, tears and laughter. Good food and good company. All the guests and the Bride and Groom seemed very happy. 

Close-up of the flowers


Walking in Oslo

Oslo town house

For a few days this week I went to Oslo, the capitol of Norway, for work. And after a long day of meeting I got to go for a walk in the sunshine to clear my head. 

Stortinget the Norwegian Parliament

The Opera House

Centre for Nobel Peace Price

Castle in the distanse

Enjoyed this meal after the walk

Handball again

Our handball boys unexpectedly got to the finals of the World Championship! They are playing against France who has been by far the best team in the tournament, and they have the home advantage. We absolutely don’t except to win, but with this team who knows. 

The semi finals on friday was a real thriller. I was lucky to watch the game with great colleagues. After our keeper saved a penalty in the last minute securing us a tie leading to extra time. Where we had most to give. 

Everybody loves an underdog and as Norway was the last team to not make the qualifiers they only got the spot in the Championship when a nation from Oseania did not have a team. We got the wild card and got to play . And the frustration from losing in the last game turned to happiness when we got a chance. Then to go all the way to the finals is just amazing! 

Hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday!

Go Norways Handball Men

Had the lazy day I hoped I would have today. Slept for 12 hours and woke up refreshed. I read a bit and made sure my home looked a bit nicer. Went for a walk in the fog and did some shopping.

Now I’m ready to watch Norway play Macedonia in the handball world championship. I really hope our boys win this game and take us to the next round. They really are quite likable and well liked here in Norway. So I’ve found some popcorn and a beer.

So Go Norway – or Heia Norge as we say here.

Touring in Bergen


Bryggen in Bergen

I decided to spend some of my vacation on going on a road-trip to Bergen. The second largest city in Norway, where I went to university. I stayed with good friends and seeing as I had a first timer with me there we we’re being tourists.


Old houses from the Hanseatic days

Bergen is quite known for their rain and we had a bit of it, but it didn’t turn out so bad for our first full day. We had a bit or rain, but nothing too heavy. Weather was way worse today!


Old marked place

We had a great time meeting up with friends and very much enjoyed walking around in Bergen, seeing my old house and uni.


Bergenshus Festning

We did the tour of the town, and especialy the famous and I should have gotten more photos, but they didn’t turn out so nice.


Statue of King Haakon VII

Mid-summer Celebration at Kjeksev√•g, Idse


Nice Bonfire by the sea

Yesterday we had our mid-summer celebration here by our summer house. The weather was lovely and spirit high. We started in the morning by cleaning the beach, cutting the grass near the beach and carrying things to burn on the bonfire.


Sun Starting to Set

During the day there was a fishing contest and evening there was a treasure hunt for the kids. And then there was the lighting of the bonfire. After eating lovely food of freshly caught crab as a starter and a wonderful barbequed beef for a main ending with ice cream bought from the ice cream van that dropped in.


Sun Set Advancing

All the people from the summer houses nearby was gathered down by the bonfire and we sat there enjoing the sunset, each others company and something nice in our glases.