Norway in the Winter Olympics 2014

Olympic Rings
Olympic Rings

The Winter Olympics 2014 is now over. Norway reached their pre-set goal of 26 medals 11 gold medals, 5 silver ones and 10 bronze. This made little Norway second on the medal overview only beaten by Russia. Without doing any maths this means that Norway has the highest amount of medals per capita. So all in all we should be very happy with this Olympics. But like most things there has been a lot of ups and downs in the games.

We’ve had a waxing crisis and lost some of the things we thought we’d at least get a medal in. For a better understanding of the waxing crisis I can recommend this blog post from a Frog in the Fjord. The medals we expected but dd not get was mostly in the cross-country relays and at the men’s biathlon relay. The ice skating team got no medals. Petter Nothug did not do as well as expected. We had a lot of fourth places and other stuff that made sure that there are things to improve and complain about after the games.

Norway took 26 of these home!
Norway took 26 of these home!

But there has been great moments as well! Norway taking all the medals on the women’s 30 km cross-country including a bronze medal to the woman who has a tendency of coming 4th. The other two, who had taken gold and silver almost seemed happier about her finally getting her medal than thinking about their own achievement. The 19 old who got a bronze medal in Slalom despite a medal looking almost impossible after the first leg. Our combined team and their joik of happiness after winning. Tirill Echoff a young biathlon girl looks like she is ready to take over for our “biathlon-queen” Tora Berger. Our figure skating girl exceeded expectations. And of course Ole Einar Bjørndalen, that is now the most winning winter olympian, did very well in his last ever Olympics.

The Olympic games are supposed to non-political, but luckily the corruption and the horrible anti-gay laws of russia has not gone unnoticed and hopefully this will be something that will keep being addressed after the Olympic Games are over, maybe more so now when people are no longer trying to keep from mixing politics with the olympics.

3 thoughts on “Norway in the Winter Olympics 2014

  1. I love your updates on the Olympics and how wonderful for Norway to present such a fine showing. The Summer games were always my favorite; but the Winter event presents such physical challenges with the cold-more perilous it seems. Congratulations to all the medalists!

    1. Norway does way better in the Winter Olympics than in the Summer games. There we are lucky to even get a medal or two. So the Winter Olympics are a much larger deal here. And this time it seems like the lack of cold presented a greater challenge with the snow melting and them having to salt and the competitors being to hot.

      1. Wow. One would never think about melting snow as a detriment under everyday circumstances. Too hot? With those challenges they should feel very proud indeed!

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