Happy Food!

Last weekend was Glad mat- festival in Stavanger. This translates in english to Happy food festival. You get a lot of the local restaurants, bars, caterers and farmers etc coming to town to sell and promote some of their food. This year was no exception. I went dow a cople of times to try some of the food and drinks that was there.

Beer tasting
Beer tasting

In one of the tents many different brewers, had gotten together to have a beer tasting. You bought glasses like the ones in the photo and a few little slips that you could trade in for the beers you wanted to taste. There was plenty of different exiting things to try!

Sushi and prosecco
Sushi and prosecco

A sushi place nearby had a stand with, well you could probably guess, sushi. They also have a concept called Sapas, that is basically sushi-tapas, that you could order for parties and  likes. The sapas we tasted was very good, and the prosecco we had with it was also quite nice.

I tried a lot of other exiting little dishes from various places, but as i mostly ate them as I walked they were not photographed. All the stands has to offer something they call the “glad mat dish”. This is a little dish for 30 NOK that can allow people to taste different kinds of food instead of just sitting down in  one place and have a full meal (you can of course do this as well). I like the idea of this and it gives me the opportunity to taste different kinds of food.  The Glad mat festival always gets a lot of people out to Stavanger city centre. I think it’s very nice for a short while. But I find it a bit crowded and this weekend was really warm. So I did not stay for long periods of time. For dessert I decided to take some nice french pastry and some berries

back to my place and eat them with a good book on my roof-terrace.

Dessert on the roof
Dessert on the roof

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