Share a coke with…

Growing up I was one of the kids that had a name that was never on stickers, labels and stuff. Not that it was a problem, but you know as a kid having stuff with your name on that is not homemade was considered quite cool. When coke started making coke with people’s name on I always just assumed mine would never get there. I never found one until I was at the movies last Sunday. I saw an overview of all the names they have on their bottles and mine was there! And guess what, when I get to the fridge I found one. Picture is a bit bad but yey!

Share a coke with Maja

Share a coke with Maja


6 thoughts on “Share a coke with…

  1. dweezer19 says:

    I never even heard of coke with your name on it! I don’t think we have that in the US! You can get M$m’s mad with anything printed in them for a price! Congrats!

  2. […] know for a fact I’m not the only one who likes stuff on their name on it as my post about the Maja coke is one that gives me many of my google referrers. Growing up, my name was not one of the most […]

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