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Growing up I was one of the kids that had a name that was never on stickers, labels and stuff. Not that it was a problem, but you know as a kid having stuff with your name on that is not homemade was considered quite cool. When coke started making coke with people’s name on I always just assumed mine would never get there. I never found one until I was at the movies last Sunday. I saw an overview of all the names they have on their bottles and mine was there! And guess what, when I get to the fridge I found one. Picture is a bit bad but yey!

Share a coke with Maja
Share a coke with Maja

6 thoughts on “Share a coke with…

  1. I never even heard of coke with your name on it! I don’t think we have that in the US! You can get M$m’s mad with anything printed in them for a price! Congrats!

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