Weekend randoms

Gamlingen – Stavangers old outdoor swimmingpool

As you probably read in my previous post I’m having a lazy weekend to round off a lazy week. This is very much needed because next week will be quite busy, There is no better way to handle a busy week than to start of with your batteries charged. Yesterday was quite sunny here in Stavanger and I spent quite a bit off the day outdoors. As I passed I could see that there was a lot of people enjoying the day by the outdoor pool (the photo was taken late in the day when most people had gone home, just in case you were questioning my definition of “a lot of people”). The outdoor pool is called Gamlingen, roughly translated to “the oldie” and this was one of the last opportunities the people of Stavanger had to enjoy the pool. They are taking it down to build a tunnel to improve the traffic in the town outside of it. Luckily they are giving us a new one close to where the old one was, but this is still to be built. Having an outdoor pool is very nice, as the water is heated this gets used by quite a few people all year, even in winter. And as the Norwegian summers isn’t the warmest and the sea requires quite a lot before it reaches comfortable temperatures many families enjoy the occasional day of sun by the pool.

I also spent some time by the sea with my book enjoying the sunshine and I went into a bookshop to look at books and I found something that got me very excited. You might argue that it’s a bit strange to get really excited by something  that for the people with more popular names take for granted, but finding stuff with your name on it is something that makes my inner child squeal with joy.

Weekplanner - notice the name to the far left!
Weekplanner – notice the name to the far left!

Granted I didn’t need the weekplanner with my name on it and I didn’t get it, but it’s nice all the same. And I know for a fact I’m not the only one who likes stuff on their name on it as my post about the Maja coke is one that gives me many of my google referrers. Growing up, my name was not one of the most popular ones in Norway, but in the last years it has gained a lot of popularity. This is the reason why there was never anything available with my name on it when I grew up, but now (when I have no use for most of it) there is more and more.

10 thoughts on “Weekend randoms

  1. What a lovely blog! I would also get excited if I saw a book with my name on so you aren’t the only one! 🙂

  2. I would get excited too to see that and I agree…. when my daughter was young nothing ever had her name on and now lots of things do but she’s too grown up for most of them now 🙂

    1. That’s just the way things are. In ways it is very good to have a name that you don’t share with half the other kids your age. But I would have liked to have some stuff with my name on it 😉

  3. Isn’t that the way of the world? Get rid of something everyone enjoys to make room for more traffic. Sad but how it is. Hope they get the new one built in time for next summer. Nice to see the sunshine there.
    I have a good German friend named Maja. She used to translate all my letters and help with phone calls to my elderly friends in Germany. Their letters came in old German script that I could not even see, much less translate. I was too slow in my German speech so Maja could communicate faster for me. I don’t live close to her anymore but I miss her. My name is only popular in some areas and is no longer popular with this generation. I find a few things with my name on it but I’m like you, always excited when I do. Hope your week isn’t too hectic. I don’t have a job and mine still are. 🙂 Hugs from Marlene Herself.

    1. They are actually doing the roadwork to get some of the traffic away from the city and under grow or under the sea, so it’s supposed to be better for all when they finish. And the plans look promising. And all things take time. The new outdoor bath will probably be much better than the old one where renovation has been put on hold for quite some time because of the uncertainty with regards to if it should be knocked down or not. I just hope it won’t be too costly to use, for families with little children on a budget. because the nice thing about the old place is that it’s quite affordable.

      Marlene, Malene or Malena are names that has always been used over here and I know people with the name in all age groups, especially people around my age. But here it’s pronounced different than in english speaking countries. The e at the end is not silent in Norwegian. I’ve always found it a lovely name.

      Hope you are all well!

      1. It’s pronounced like it has an A at the end in Germany. That’s how my German friends all say it. It’s a name. My sister changed hers legally. Traffic going underground scares me to pieces. But getting traffic manageable is always a good thing.

      2. We are quite used to it here as we would need a lot more ferries if we didn’t have tunnels under the sea. Makes it easier to get anywhere!

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