Pink balloons and indian summer

The weather the last days has been amazing. The sun is back after a rainy period and it’s very warm for september! Last week I was surprised not just by the nice weather but by the fact that the whole of town was decorated with pink balloons 🙂

Pink ballons in the morning
Pink balloons in the morning

On my way back from work I found out that the balloons was for a campaign that aim for creating jobs in poorer countries. They really managed to make Stavanger pink and I would imagine they managed to get people to become a part of their programme.

Balloons, flowers and sun
Balloons, flowers and sun

Even Stavanger’s most famous writer Alexander Kielland looked like he was very happy with his pink balloon.

Kielland with his balloon
Kielland with his balloon

This weekend of good weather has been spent helping to change a bit of the roof on our summer house, sleeping and meeting up with a few friends. Hopeyour weekend has been as good as mine!


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