Holiday to Crete part 2: Agia Marina

When we went on holiday, staying somewhere quiet and nice was one of the things we wanted from our holiday. And with the prices being lower in September we got a nice hotel for a reasonable price. Iolida Beach, the hotel was a very good fit for us.


Agia Marina is a quiet little town, not too far from Chania airport. The beach was very nice and it had a few little shops where we could get what we needed. There was also many good places to eat out. We spent most our time here and didn’t travel too much around as the main purpose of our holiday was to relax.


A lot of the other people that was there at the same time as us, was pensioners and families with small children. It wasn’t a place to goo if you wanted to party hard till the wee small hours (at least that’s not the impression we got), and that worked very well for us.


Holiday to Crete


One of the nice things I did when I was away from the blogging world, was taking a trip to Crete mid-September. I had decided to save some of my holiday to this time to avoid it being way to busy. An added bonus is that it was much cheaper than taking the same trip at the height of summer.


View from the sunbed on the hotel beach!

I wanted a sun holiday where I could relax and not stress with anything. So we ordered a trip from Ving, a Thomas Cook company in Norway. With a few simple clicks we had a hotel, transport and other stuff, sorted. And luckily all the logistics went swimmingly. So our week was every bit as relaxing as it could be. And luckily the weather was on our side the whole time!

As I had never been to Crete ever before I was very excited and had little idea what I could expect. And I must say it didn’t disappoint! I would really like to go back some day.

Sunny Weekend


Yesterday I was walking out in the sunshine. I spent some time at the beach an had my first swim in the sea of the year.


Evening time I spent at a party that I had helped arrange. It was a party marking the final end of a band that’s been dormant for some years now.


Hope your weekend is treating you as well as mine. 

Sudden Outburst of Summer


Nice venue for a concert

I’ve had an amazing couple of days. Since my last post i’ve been on a wonderful concert, met up with great friends for barbecue, drinks and great food.


Amazing concert in a lighthouse

The weather decided that we would get a week of early summer temperatures. This has made it very easy to get out walking even if it’s been quite hot at times.



I’ve stayed close to water most of the time. And have done a bit of wading in the water to cool off my tired warm feet.


It’s not warm in the water yet, but there was quite a lot of kids out playing in the sea!


Sunshine Days


Swans and Birds lazing on the lawn in town

The sun has been shining on Stavanger lately and I’m enjoying a lot. Spring has really hit our part of the world. Walking around enjoying and soaking up all the vitamin D charging my batteries.  And it’s bringing a lovely temperatur.


I am on a hunt for a costume for a 90 ‘ s  party that I’m going to this weekend for my friends 30’th birthday. I think it could be fun as there are plenty of great people comming.


Life is smiling and so am I, even if I have way to much food!

Hope life is smiling to you all! I know I am on a sunshine high!

Sunday Trip and Mother ‘ s Day


Sunny Sunday by the Sea

The weather this weekend has been lovely. Just below freezing and sunny.  My dad and me got in the boat and went for a lovely, but cold boat ride in to our summer house today.


Our boats

It was a perfect day to air and de-dust the cushions, rugs, pillows and blankets. And I also found the time to go for a lovely walk in the sunshine.


Boat trip home

Today is Mother’s day here in Norway, so I am waiting for my Mum to come home so she can get a little present and I’m going to make a nice Sunday dinner. I hope she’ll enjoy.


Clear sea