Fathers day again

Cup cakes for my dad
Cup cakes for my dad

Last sunday was fathers day here in Norway. Last year I made food and baked for my dad. This year I decided to bake something nice for my dad and as it is autumn I figured  carrot cup cakes  would be nice. And I got to use the cup cake rack that belongs to my great box for transporting cakes (it expands so you can bring either really tall cakes or two layers of cake or cup cakes). I made a version with less sugar and a flour with more fiber, just to give everyone a cleaner conscience when eating them. My dad and everyone else really liked them so I guess you could say they where a success.

The last week I have not been feeling my best, I’ve had a bit of fever and been really tired. Now it seems to have developed into a cold and even if my nose is cloged up I feel much better so I’m going to attempt a trip out to IKEA to get a few things I need for the appartement. I cross my fingers that there won’t be way to many people out there, but I’m going to assume there is. As IKEA is usually very busy on saturdays.

9 thoughts on “Fathers day again

  1. Happy Father’s Day to your Dad. Personally I never knew that it was a different day there then it is here in Canada. I had just always automatically assumed that it was the same day all over the world, I guess I learned something new today.

    Those cupcakes look super yummy by the way! ❤

    I hope you get well soon! Drink plenty of tea! And dress warm, I'm not sure what the weather is like there in Norway.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! The weather here is not as cold as usual this time of year, but it’s windy, rainy and not very warm.

      Hope you are well and that you have a great weekend.

      1. Pleasure is all mine! Oh goodness, I dislike rain. We have been getting frost and a bit of snow here and there, I would say it’s far too early to have -7 degrees in the middle of November, but that is beyond our control, it’s all on mother nature.

        Thank you so much! I hope you have a splendid weekend too!

        I noticed you checked out some of my review, you should definitely check my other blog called “Whatever the Heart Desires” http://www.whatevertheheartdesires.wordpress.com I have a feeling you may like some posts from there as well!

        Take care! xo.

      1. Good you found the message. It’s a really nice award and just a little bit of work to accept. It opens up your blog site to many new bloggers so they can enjoy reading your posts and you can follow them back to their site.

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