White Christmas

Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration

Christmas eve started out really wet and miserable weather wise. Just by leaving the house to get in to the car you’d get soaked. Luckily it was nice inside the house. Nice decorations was put up the food that was cooking left the house smelling really nice. The TV was on and tuned in to the Christmas specials, that is on every year. And when it was time for guest the whole house was filled with our near and dear.

Table set for party
Table set for party

The food was nice, we went caroling round the christmas tree, santa came to visit with more gifts than any heart could desire. And as we sat down to relax and enjoy some more food and sweets it started snowing. As everybody knows Christmas is not about the weather, but I can vouch for the fact that having the snow come down was an added bonus to the already nice party.


So today we have enjoyed a nice christmas brunch, had a little walk in the snow and now it’s time to sit dow and relax before we’re going to a christmas party to some of the relatives that was not here yesterday.

Hope you all have a nice time this christmas regardless of how you spend it.

11 thoughts on “White Christmas

    1. Thank you Bridget. I did have a lovely Christmas and the snow was just icing 😉 I would really like to celeberate Christmas in Australia some time. Looks very exotic. Hope you had a good and peaceful Christmas.

      1. That sounds so magical in my imagination, a white Christmas with power-soft icing snow… yum… I had a very peaceful and loving Christmas, I hope you did too :).

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