Charlie and Nina

I am a firm believer in freedom of speech and I think what happened at Charlie Hebdo in France was a terrible act of terrorism. Killing people for expressing  themselves though drawing, speaking or writing is something I really find it important to take a stand against. In this I share Voltaire’s view on freedom of speech:

“I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

Here in the library in Stavanger they had planed a exhibition of controversial drawings, mostly newspaper drawings, and the people who made them, for the day after the shooting. Luckily the exhibition was not canceled, but they brought in extra security for the opening of the exhibition.

In other news here at home the weekend has been quite stormy. Nina the storm payed Norway a visit and all was advised to keep indoors on Staurday evening.

Nina is raging. Photo fro
Nina is raging. Photo fro

14 thoughts on “Charlie and Nina

  1. I agree that everyone has a right to speak, draw or write their opinions too. It’s sad people think they have to kill everyone who doesn’t think the same as they do. It certainly makes us more aware of what extreme judgement is capable of doing.

    Glad you rode out that storm without incident. I wondered about storms in your corner of the world. We get little information about your weather here.

    1. You are very right, extreme judgment is not good in any direction.

      We have a few storms and there are som damages to buildings, but it’s not often and there are not many lives lost, so there is not so much interesting thing to report I guess. Snow and rain is quite usual here and if it shows up it’s not actually news to anyone outside Norway when it happens. Where do you live?

      1. I live outside the Portland Oregon area in the US but was born in Germany. Have lived in Taiwan and all over the US too. I was a gypsy but no more. Have found a home to call my own. I’ll be popping by again.

      2. It’s good to move around and see different parts of the world, but I would agree that finding a place to call home and settle down is neccesary at a certain point.

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