Sunday road trip

Today we decided to spend some of the day to take a little road trip to the beaches and other spots in the area around here. The weather was ok and there was loads of nice places to stop and see again.


It was really nice to take a drive around and even better to get out of the car in different places to see the sea and get a bit of fresh air and get up of the couch and do a bit of walking.


Sometimes it’s really nice to be a tourist in your own local area and rediscover some of the places you used to go for sunday walks when I was a kid.

Hå gamle prestegård
Hå gamle prestegård

We stoped of at Hå gamle prestegård, an old preist farm for a coffe. And at Obrestad lighthouse, sadly I left my phone in the car when we walked out by the lighthouse.

View from cafe
View from cafe


8 thoughts on “Sunday road trip

  1. You have inspired me to spend time as a tourist in the town I grew up in. My daughter will be home from school for spring break, and I think this will be a perfect activity for us to share. Thank you!

    1. I’m very glad to be an inspiration, that is so nice to hear! Sounds lovely to take your daughter for some sightseeing in the town where you grew up. I think she’ll like it 🙂

  2. You don’t appreciate what you have until you go do that touristy thing in your own neck of the woods. We live in FWB, Florida and even though H has lived here most of his life, I haven’t. I love to get out and do touristy things, though I laugh sometimes when I’m treated as a tourist. Sometimes I know more than those guides do! LOL ~Elle

    1. Hehe, That is so true. My man is not from around these parts either and I really enjoy showing him the things I often take for granted. Makes me see them in a new light.

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