Happy Liberation Day!

Two peaceful ducks
Two peaceful ducks

Today is Liberation Day in Norway. It’s not celebrated as much as our Constitutional Day, 17th of May. But this year it’s the 70 year anniversary for the end of the Germans 5 year-long occupation of Norway during World War 2. It’s a good feeling seeing the flags waving in the wind knowing how lucky most of us are that has never had war in our country in our lifetime. It’s a good day for remembering what was done and sacrificed so that we could grow up in a peaceful and free country. We should never forget those who fought bravely for our freedom. In 2010 it was decided that 8.mai would also be Norway’s veteran day, so it is truly a day for honoring our veterans both those from the 2 world war and those that have been in UN service and other International operations.

Peaceful woods
Peaceful woods

In general there are many days in May that are special in their sort of way, Labour day, Liberation day, Constitution day, Ascension day and such. 8. of May often comes a bit in the shadow, not being a bank holiday. But it is still important and with the jubilee and all it has not gone unnoticed.

So happy Liberation day to you all and may you all have a nice weekend!

10 thoughts on “Happy Liberation Day!

  1. Happy belated Liberation Day to you also! I feel extremely lucky that the mainland of the UK wasn’t occupied by the Nazis. Unfortunately the Channel Islands did suffer under German occupation. In France there are a tiny minority of people who try to justify the French (Vichy) colaborationist regime. Is there a minority in Norway who justify the Quisling regime? Had the UK been occupied there would have been a minority prepared to work with Germans, for example Sir Oswald Mosley, the leader of the British Union of Fascists. Did many Jews manage to survive the German occupation? I studied history and politics while at university so find the whole subject fascinating.

    1. There probably are some people that justify the Quisling regime, but you don’t hear much from them. There is generally a concensus in Norway that we like better to be free than under anyone elses rule. You’ll even find this argument with the people wanting us to leave the EEA and never ente the EU. We like to decide for ourselves. Back in the day there where many that cooperated with the regime for different reasons, they did not get any sympathy after the war. A few jews managed to survie hiding in the houses of Norwegians willing to give them shelter.

  2. Happy Liberation and Veterans’ Day. There is nothing like showing gratitude to those that paved the way and risked their lives for us to be free.

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