Starbucks Stavanger

New entrance
New entrance

As I have mentioned previously Stavanger has finally gotten their own Starbucks. After a few years searching for a good location and negotiating with the town conservator about the looks of the entrance, the coffee chain was finally ready to open up shop in an old bank vault in the middle of town.

New mugs mittens for Norway and an oil platform for Stavanger
New mugs mittens for Norway and an oil platform for Stavanger

I defied the crowd and went in for a look. Granted I decided to wait a few days after the grand opening, so the worst ques had died down a bit. I was very pleased with the result. I must say I didn’t expect it to have as much charm and atmosphere as it turned out to have. The interior was cosy and the nice big chairs and sofas was comfortable to sit in. They had even kept some of the interior from the old bank vault preserving some of the old.

Old bank boxes as wall decor and the old lock on the vault door mounted near the entrance
Old bank boxes as wall decor and the old lock on the vault door mounted near the entrance

If you bring you coffee with you just outside the door you can enjoy it on the steps of the town square overlooking the harbour and the boats that are in. For me this made an ideal spot to sit and read, write or just watch the world go by. I’m sure I’ll treat myself to the occasional Frappuchino in the sunshine (if there was some more of it). If someone could please tell me what hailstones has to do with June I would appreciate an answer.

Frappuchino and my note book in the sunshine
Frappuchino and my note-book in the sunshine

8 thoughts on “Starbucks Stavanger

    1. We have a few of them too and so far just one Starbucks in the town centre. The small local coffee shops are always very full of people or very bad.

  1. I am with you, Mommermom. Starbucks (along with other chains) is great, but I prefer the smaller independent coffee shops.

    I am in the up north and still no non-windy sunshiny days. Is it summer yet? 🙂

    1. Summer really isn’t here in Norway yet! But I hope it comes soon.
      The smaller independent coffee shops are a bit hit and miss here and if they are any good they are always filled up with people and there are no seats left.

  2. I love to sit in Starbucks or any other coffee shop and write. I always have them fill the cup with half water. Coffee is too strong for me anymore. The Frappuccino’s are my favorite but the calories are deadly so I only splurge occasionally. It’s so fun to sit with a notebook, a coffee and watch people. You have the extra view of the harbor. Lucky you! Enjoy each chance you get.

    1. I will be sure to. won’t be too often as it is expensive and the frappuchino as you say contains a lot of calories. It’s not something to be enjoyed every day.

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