Tour des Fjords

Starting area
Starting area

This weekend there has been a lot of people in town. The weather has been lovely and there was quite a lot going on. The biggest event was a cycling race called Tour des Fjords. Norway is a country where cycling has gotten quite big over the last years. Mainly due to the fact that we’ve had a few good cyclists making it on the international scene. For those of you that follow cycling Thor Hushovd, Edwald Boasson Hagen and Alexander Kristoff might be familiar names. The former just made headline news when he was asked if he was moving away from Norway to not have to pay Tax on his earnings and answered that he wanted to stay in the country and didn’t mind paying his taxes because he was getting the benefits of having a good welfare state.

Tour des Fjords is a cycling event that goes over stages. It’s set in the region where I live and they cycle past the fjords and mountains close by. There are also stages that begins that begin and end in my city Stavanger and the neighbouring city Sandnes Most people here root for the local cyclist Alexander Kristoff who won last year. Plenty of people showed up to cheer for the cyclist as they went past and a lot of people were watching on the big screen put up in the town square and on TV. Showing of our lovely nature on TV like that is really good for tourism, so we were lucky the sun decided to pay us a visit.

Car with extra bikes
Car with extra bikes
I’ve spent a bit of the weekend enjoying the weather and the forecasts tells us that we’ll soon have the temperatures to match the calendar. I’ve also attended an enjoyable house-warming party at a friends new place. I got a bit of laundry, tidying and cleaning done. And I also got to do a bit of writing and reading. So all in all this weekend has been really good.
Hope you all had a great weekend. How did you choose to spend it?

9 thoughts on “Tour des Fjords

  1. I’m with you. I’d rather watch than participate. I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 10. 🙂 They won’t let me on one now unless it has 3 wheels. it’s nice that the weather co-operated so you could have a good time with friends. Hope your week goes as well.

      1. Yes dear I know it. In fact I am also a chess player and a big follower of both Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand.

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