Beach Volley and being busy

People playing Beach Volley

People playing Beach Volley

I’ve been really busy lately. As I am in desperate need of a new job I’ve been applying for a lot of jobs lately and all the application writing takes up a lot of time and even more energy. Sadly my blogging has suffered and so has most other things. I have a lot of projects that I need to finish up so I hope I will find the time and energy soon.

Today I went to help my aunt do some work around the house. She had a an accident and was in need for some help and I’m in need of small odd jobs. I started there early in the morning and most of what was left of the day I spent outside in the sun, as it looked and felt like summer decided to join us at least for today.

Enjoying the sunshine

Enjoying the sunshine

There is a beach volley tournament going on in town these days SWATCH BEACH VOLLEYBALL MAJOR SERIES – STAVANGER MAJOR 2015 and there was plenty of people about.  The atmosphere was great and both tourists and us locals enjoyed the day and we’re hoping for good weather for the rest of the tournament.


21 thoughts on “Beach Volley and being busy

  1. What a wonderrul surprise to see a selfie here on your blog! Lovely… and I’m glad you enjoyed your day out. May your summer be filled with happiness… and may a job pop up SOON!

  2. Good luck with the job searching. Its been a beautiful day here in the UK this Thursday. Kevin

  3. Job applications are such a chore!

  4. I’ll keep good thoughts for the job search. I’ll bet you don’t get really hot temperatures there, do you? We have had our hottest June on record so far. I’m not looking forward to the next 3 months if that’s the case. Enjoy your Starbucks. 🙂

    • masgautsen says:

      We don’t usually have to hot temperatures here. And the other night we had 4 degrees Celsius at night so it’s not very hot still. Hope your weekend is a really good one

      • That’s actually our winter temperature. I like winter. 🙂 But maybe not your winter. :))

      • masgautsen says:

        Hehe, it doesn’t get much colder in winter usually. But it’s often a bit warmer in summer. Between 15 and 25 degrees and that’s the temperature I would prefer this time of year.

      • Yes, that’s the perfect temperature for me too. We have been having temps in the 30’s for the last 2 weeks. Now back down to more normal 25. Then back up again. And summer is just starting. What have we done?

      • masgautsen says:

        I don’t know. We’ve had very bad weather here this year temperatures at around 10 degrees and a lot of rain.

      • Weather is weird everywhere. I’m grateful that we are not flooding, having tornadoes, or any of the other catastrophe’s the rest of the country here is having. We didn’t get very much rain this year, Now I know where it went. 🙂

      • masgautsen says:

        We’re generally not in an area with many catastrophes, except for a few storms that can cause a little damage on a few buildings. But we do get a lot of rainy days. For all my complaining I’d rather have those that the catastrophes you see elsewhere. And yes, weather is really weird!

  5. lbeth1950 says:

    I love reading people writing about moments of their day. What kind of job are you looking for? I help my mom with yard and house tasks quite a bit. She’s is healthy, just slow.

    • masgautsen says:

      At the moment I’m looking for just about any office job. I used to work with project administration in Oil and Gas, but at the moment that sector isn’t doing to well in Norway. I’m hoping to get a job at the university, but the jobs are few and the applicants many.

  6. Snoskred says:

    Hello there! 🙂 Saw you comment on the meet and greet – I am a huge fan of all things Norwegian, so I am subscribing to your blog.

    I will keep a good thought for your job search – yay you for doing all the hard work, it will pay off eventually, even if that happens in not expected ways.. 😉

    • masgautsen says:

      Thank you very much! I need all the good thoughts I can get in my search for a job.
      Can I ask you what it is about Norway you find interesting? Have you ever been over here?

      • Snoskred says:

        I have not ever been to Norway, sadly – I became an a-ha fan in the Take On Me days, I used to listen to their album on cassette over and over.. 🙂

        Years later I discovered they’d had a whole bunch of albums I didn’t know about, and I saw some youtube interviews with the band in Norwegian and I loved how the language sounded. Their music became my listen to in the car music.

        Then I was looking for a new internet name to use when I started my blog, and I found the word snøskred and decided to use it as my web name, with a normal o. It is quite unique. I have not found anyone else using it, as yet. 🙂

        I have some web friends from Norway and one day I would love to visit there plus I would love to see a-ha in concert. I have all the concert dvds, which keeps me happy in the meantime. 🙂

        I stayed up late to watch their press conference re getting back together. 🙂 I’m so excited for some new a-ha music and hopefully a new concert dvd!

      • masgautsen says:

        That is such a cool story. I actually went to see a-ha on one of their concerts from their farewell tour. Now it looks like it was not their last 😉

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