3 Quotes Challenge – 3rd and final day!

Hector Samson at The Power of Quantum Thinking has challenged me to post 3 quotes for three days. Challenge accepted! I thank you for thinking of me with this challenge and I hope I won’t let you down. I have decided to go for three quotes from famous Norwegians.

There are three simple rules:

1. Post 3 of your favourite quotes each per day for 3 recurrent days. The quotes can be of any other people or it may come straight from your own heart.

2. Nominate 3 bloggers with each post to challenge them.

3. Don’t forget to utter a thankful word to the person who nominated you

My third and final quote is from Thor Heyerdahl who was an explorer know for, among other things the Kon-tiki and Ra expeditions:


“Those who have experienced the most, have suffered so much that they have ceased to hate. Hate is more for those with a slightly guilty conscience, and who by chewing on old hate in times of peace wish to demonstrate how great they were during the war.”

Now for my nominees. I will not hold it against any of you should you choose not to accept the challenge I am a firm believer that you should only accept a challenge if it something you want to do not just because you feel like you should.




7 thoughts on “3 Quotes Challenge – 3rd and final day!

      1. Seems very likely 🙂 it used to be aired from time to time in Norway as well or you’d get clips from it whenever there was a program about Heyerdahl.

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