Social Butterfly

My head these days feels a bit like mush. I’m very much looking forward to the holidays. And I have high hopes that summer will finally arrive in Stavanger at some point this year so you don’t have to go out with a big coat and still be a bit cold. This week has been filled with a lot of neglected social duties. Duties might sound like a negative loaded word, but finding the time to see family and friends is hard sometimes. And every time I have to say no to someone who I don’t get a chance to see to often I get a bit guilty. A nice bi product of being social is often nice food.This week, as I said, I decided I needed to take the time to be a yes person. So on Tuesday I went to have cheese and crackers with the women at work. There was abundance of lovely cheeses and crackers and for dessert we had strawberries with vanilla sauce. We went to visit one of the girls and the view from her kitchen and living room was so stunning I had to take a photo.

View from inside the house
View from inside the house

Wednesday I was invited to my parents for dinner with them, my brother and my granddad. A family friend dropped in for dessert and coffee. Lovely salted cod with bacon-onion-butter sauce and potatoes and berries and a nice raspberry/blueberry cobbler for dessert.

Peony from mum's garden!
Peony from mum’s garden!

Today I had a job interview and I met my mum in town and she treated me to lunch. I had a nice salad with chicken, tomatoes and avocado. I’m soon off to see some friends for a cup of coffee this evening. That would more than fill my social quota this week, so this weekend I’m spending with my dad at our summer-house. I’m hoping the rain can keep away for one weekend so I can get some much-needed house-painting done.

6 thoughts on “Social Butterfly

  1. So are you having more time because you are not working or are you just squeezing more in? I have been on overload to this week. I am still trying to catch up with my reading and trying to finally get one post done. I think I still have over 300 posts to read. I have to get my house painted too. It finally quit raining and now it’s almost too hot to paint. Eventually, the weather will get tired of making things hard for us and we will get our jobs done. I wish you the perfect job. I know it’s there just waiting for you. Keep it in your minds eye how it looks. Best of luck with your weekend.

    1. Thank you so much. I have a little more time because I now work 60% not 100 as I used to. But applying for jobs takes up quite a lot of the time… Hope you’ll get some time to catch up with things over the weekend 🙂

  2. Well, that was indeed a packed up week for you. I do hope the rains keep away from you over the weekend so that there is less to worry about in the coming week. Have a lovely weekend. Praying and looking forward to read the post about your new job soon 🙂

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