Lovely Tuscany or Toscana as it's called in Italian and Norwegian
Lovely Tuscany or Toscana as it’s called in Italian and Norwegian

I’m back from a lovely vacation in Tuscany. I’ll only stay for a few days at home before I go to our summer-house, but I will take the time to update my neglected blog. We flew down to a wedding in Tuscany from Stavanger via Frankfurt to Florence. We arrived safely and on time so far so good. We was told it could take some time getting or car so we put in good margins picking it up. This also went really smooth. I should have known our luck wouldn’t last….

Lovely flowers
Lovely flowers

The first car they gave us had such a small booth it wouldn’t fit our suit cases. As we had ordered one that did, we got another much larger car with no extra charge. We drove off and five minutes after driving away from the car rental place we had to make a sharp turn to get away from a mad Italian driver, we hit the curb and ended up with a flat tire. It was 40 degrees out and the equipment for changing to a small extra tire was not the best. So we called the road service. We were put on hold and when we finally got to talk to someone on the number for english speaking people, it turned out they had little english. And our call got disconnected before they understood what was wrong and where we where. This happened three times.

I had a lot of tasty gelato!
I had a lot of tasty gelato!

My better half then decided to change the tire himself, even if he got burned by the tarmac and the equipment wasn’t very handy. I must say I was quite impressed by him! We drove the car gently back to the car rental, got a new one and was extremely glad we got the full insurance on the car. And then we where on the road to the wedding. The GPS was only a little confused by some massive road work and we took one wrong turn that sent us through the woods, but we found the venue and arrived on time!

31 thoughts on “Tuscany

  1. Oh my word. I’ve heard the Italians are not very friendly to English speaking people. I’m sorry you had such a struggle but glad you at least made the wedding on time. Did you get to enjoy any of the scenery? That was a beautiful flower.

    1. I enjoyed the scenery. The sunflowers, the olive trees and all. The Italians in general was very friendly. The ones on the car emergency phone tried to help, but they just couldn’t understand. Hope you’re doing well.

  2. Phew…glad you made it to the wedding okay in the end. I’ve never tried hiring a car in Italy before and must say I’m even less likely now. Did the magic of Italy soak in after the initial drama?

  3. Summer is great thank you, especially since there have been some lovely warm days. Only a week until we fly to Sweden and the two holiday houses up in the forest. Can’t wait as you can understand. Five minutes to the lake, twenty minutes to the coast. Bliss! Seeing lots of family and friends and travelling around Sweden and Norway too.

      1. The houses are not far from Bullaren, sixteen kilometres east of Tanum. All mod cons apart from no tv, wifi, so I won’t be able to do much blogging for five weeks, apart from when I pop into the library. Lovely to live such free life in nature though. Wishing you a great time in your Stuga. Really relax and enjoy! :-))

  4. What an adventure! I’m glad you arrived in time. I guess events like this are quite frustrating while they’re happening but at least you’ve got a story to tell afterwards 😀

    1. That is definitely true! It’s good to know you’re not the only one who has things like this happening to you. Sometimes these memories are with you longer than some of those who seemed better at the time. We laugh about it now!

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