Hotel Napoleon – Lucca

After the wedding we went off to a small town in Tuscany called Lucca. It is a very lovely little town where, as with many of the old towns in Tuscany the old part of town is inside an old wall. We stayed outside of the wall at a very nice hotel called, Hotel Napoleon for four nights. It would probably have been nice to stay in the old part of town too. But as we had a car it was nice to get a place with parking, air condition was also one of the criteria in choosing a hotel and at Napoleon the temperature was perfect.

Hotel Napoleon
Hotel Napoleon

We had a lovely large room at the 5th floor, the top floor of the hotel. From our large balcony (you can see the view in the video at the top of the post), we had a lovely view and could see into the old walled town that was only 10-15 minutes walk from our hotel. The staff was nice, breakfast was ok and this is definitely. a hotel I can recommend to anyone who wants to visit the lovely town of Lucca.

Music festival in Lucca
Music festival in Lucca

When we got there it turned out we missed the fact that there was a music festival going on in Lucca all of July. There were many great artist coming, and while we were there John Legend, Los Lobos and the Script had concerts. We didn’t have tickets, but could still hear some of the concerts while eating our dinner and walking around Lucca in the evening. They sounded much better that the local saxophone players going from restaurant to restaurant all day playing the same songs over and over.

12 thoughts on “Hotel Napoleon – Lucca

    1. I Loved it too. Walking around in the streets looking in to all the nice little shops and stopping off in some of the cafes and restaurants for some good food, drinks or ice cream!

  1. To bad you missed the concerts but I’d give up everything for good AC. When I bought my house, AC was the first requirement. Then floors and windows. 🙂 Shopping and eating my way through a town is how I like to spend my vacations too. 🙂 It looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing your trip.

    1. AC is nice to have. I managed to sleep without it, but my better half really needed it. And I like to be comfortable when I’m on holiday. Shopping and eating is the way to go and in Lucca it was lovely.

    1. That is so true. We went exploring by foot, but was a bit tempted to rent the bikes and ride them on the road up by the wall. That will certainly be something for another time!

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