Tuscan Wedding

Where the wedding was held
Where the wedding was held

As most of you have probably seen from my previous posts, the main reason that we went to Italy for our summer holiday this year was to take part in my friend’s wedding. The venue was amazing! The ceremony was held under a large oak and the mayor of the town preformed the ceremony. It was then translated into norwegian by a norwegian woman who has lived in the area for 16 years and now plans weddings and events there. Luckily the oak provided some shadow as it was 40 degrees that day and it can be a bit warm with formal clothes on.

These were posted everywhere and had either flowers or candles in them.
These were posted everywhere and had either flowers or candles in them.

The ones arranging the wedding had done a wonderful job with the decorations. There was flowers, candles and photos of the lovely couple everywhere.

The tables are being decorated.

After the ceremony the guest was served Prosecco and canapees and asked to take a funny polaroid photo of themselves to glue into a book and write a greeting to the bride and groom that was off for a photo shoot.

Table decorations
Table decorations

When they arrived back it was time for a wonderful dinner and speeches. For a starter we got an antipasti plate with loads of nice local food. I left the anchovies alone, but everything else was really tasty. The first course was a lovely risotto with truffles.The main course was a lovely slow cooked pork and for dessert we got ice cream. All of the food was local and so was the wines that got served with them. Then it was time for the traditional cutting of the wedding cake and serving of cake and coffee.

The menu for the evening
The menu for the evening

After dinner we headed down to the pool area where a bar and dance floor had magically appeared and it was time for the first dance for the newly wedded couple. And then everyone joined in and danced and laughed on to the wee small hours of the morning.

10 thoughts on “Tuscan Wedding

    1. Hehe, I learned that it is an Irish tradition to send out a piece of wedding cake to those who could not attend the wedding. I don’t know if that is a tradition in the UK as well. In Norway the wedding cake is usually a cream cake with a marzipan frosting. If I was to box it up and take it anywhere it would smell really badly, really fast in 40 degrees… So I took the liberty of saving both my bag and your nose and opted out of saving any cake.

  1. I so love weddings and especially outdoor weddings. Both my children were married outdoors. My son in our back yard with the reception there and my daughter in a nearby park with the reception in our back yard. Both weddings were beautiful. I doubt that anything could be more beautiful than a Tuscan wedding though. Does it make you want to take the leap? Thanks for sharing the photos.

    1. I like going to weddings, but if anything going to them makes me not want to get married even more. It’s just too much work and it’s not something i’ve ever really wanted.

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