Last bit of summer?

Very nice spot for enjoying a book and a coffee in the sun!
Very nice spot for enjoying a book and a coffee in the sun!

For a little over a week now summer temperatures decided to visit Norway, just so we could see what we had been missing out on all summer and to poke a nose at everyone who was back at school and work! The good weather was going to last for a week so I tried to get the most of it., But this weekend was also the start of season with my brass band, so the weekend was mostly spent at rehearsals.

This is where I spent most of my weekend (sadly I was indoors)
This is where I spent most of my weekend (sadly I was indoors)

This week the temperatures was supposed to drop drastically and rain was expected. So far the temperature has not dropped too much, but you can feel the weather turning. There is a thunderstorm on it’s way, but it keeps postponing is arrival.

Yesterday there was a rainbow in the sky, but no rain, yet!
Yesterday there was a rainbow in the sky, but no rain, yet!

The sky is dramatic and the pressure in the air is giving me a throbbing headache, but at least the warmth haven’t left us yet. I suspect it will when the heavy rain that’s promised starts splashing down!

43 thoughts on “Last bit of summer?

  1. Having just left weeks of non-stop sunshine and landed here in the UK where there have been nearly constant downpours I can empathise with the shock the change in weather will mean. Hope that the music of yours brings cheer and sunshine to you all inside instead!

  2. I hope your headache soon clears up. I will send some of the rain which has been visiting the UK over the last few days in your direction! I neglected to take a coat yesterday and was soaked on the way home and on the way into the office. Perhaps I should come back in my next life as a duck then getting wet won’t matter …! Kevin

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes. The sun is out here, but the thunderstorm is still lurking around the corner. I take my walks close to my home today as I don’t want to be caught out when the shower is turned on! It has the look of a heavy one…

    1. I was allowed out for breaks, so it was not all bad. I had a good time, but as it was so sunny and warm I would prefer to be at our summer-house by the sea!

  3. Lovely photos! I hope the thunder passes and you get some more sun before winter starts to draw in 🙂 We have rain rain rain here, so a bit of sunshine or even a thunderstorm would be welcome.

    1. We had a lot of rain this afternoon. The heavens opened, but so far there hasn’t been thunder. Keep our fingers crossed for a little bit of indian summer for the both of us.

  4. We are getting the first taste of autumn, also. Still above freezing, but cool and windy and wet. Brass bands are fun. My father played horn in one in Bergen until 1947.

    1. It’s still more like summer here than we had most of the summer 🙂 But it looks like it’s turning. I really enjoy plying in a brass band it’s a good hobby. Do you know the name of the band your father played with?

  5. What do you play?!? I play trombone! Yay brass!! (Sorry it’s just exciting to hear about female brass players!)

    1. I play the cornett and enjoy it very much. Trombone is a cool instrument too, my best friend used to play trombone. We were mostly girls playing when I grew up, in my band now there is about 50-50 girls and boys. Are there few female brass players over at yours?

      1. Not many 😦 I don’t know if it is a sign of the times or they just all relocated for work! I’m surrounded by woodwinds!

      2. Auch! I feel for you 😉 We have a few woodwind bands in the area, but they usually struggle to get enough brass players, because brass bands are more common where I’m from.

      3. Lucky! Would love that here but isn’t that how it always goes! You want what you don’t have!

      4. Probably. I’ve grown up with brass band and that is what I’ve always played in. I went to summer camp as a 12 year old that has woodwind instruments. I never went back. I chose to travel to a camp much further away because they had a brass band camp. I just don’t think playing in a woodwind band is for me.

    1. I enjoyed visiting an will be sure to come back, glad to hear the door is open! Glad you stopped by here, your are of course welcome back whenever you like!

      1. Great! All joking aside, throbbing headaches are really not very nice things to have to suffer through. I’m glad you’re feeling a lot better.

  6. We have summer weather here in Sweden and warmer than we had in july. It’s nice with a little summer this time of year. Lovely photos!

  7. Great photos, Maja. Those clouds feel heavy with the rain and I could feel the pressure. Change in weather and the amount of daylight affect everyone’s body in some way. We had a taste of autumn weather and it was cold enough to turn on the heater but I refused as this week we are getting more summer temps once again. A little tease then back to normal. Weather seems to run everything including our mood and health.
    I envy you the ability to make music. That must be so uplifting especially getting together with others to play together. Does your boyfriend play too? I am the person who gets to enjoy others talents. Someone has to do that. 🙂 Glad to see your week went by better once the pressure was over. Enjoy the rest of this one. Still keeping good thoughts for you at work.

    1. We’re also having a bit of indian summer this week! And I’m enjoying it a lot.
      My boyfriend does not play, at all. He enjoys listening to music, but he’s never played anything. I very much enjoy playing with others and I think it’s very rewarding.
      Hope you’re well and that this week will be an excellent one for you and yours.

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