Opening a Stadium

The track and field part of the stadium and car park

The track and field part of the stadium and car park

Being part of a band you are sometimes called upon to play on important occasions where they feel they need someone to play. So this Sunday I set off to Ålgård, in the local community of my band, to play at the official opening of their new large athlete stadium. They now have a new football stadium and some training fields and also a great stadium for track and field. With good wardrobes and seating required

Football stadium with the club motto

Football stadium with the club motto

At the opening, in addition to the band, the Mayor and the leader of the sports board gave speeches, the teams and groups whom are getting to use the new stadiums marched in to the field with their flags and the kids had a chance to win medals by trying out different sports.

Flags in the wind

Flags in the wind

The weather was sunny, but a bit windy so it was a bit difficult to see the sheet music, but the gig went ok and we got a lot of applause. And as I sat in the car to drive home the rain started, I was thankful that didn’t happen only moments before!


14 thoughts on “Opening a Stadium

  1. Wow look at that sky in the second photo! Looks like Algard (sorry, I don’t have those little symbols on my keyboard…) will soon be challenging Real Madrid!

  2. jono says:

    When our band welcomed a group of international kayakers it was a cool and damp day. It was nearly impossible to keep the stringed instruments tuned. It was challenging, but fun.j

  3. Very cool thing to participate in.

  4. Jack Eason says:

    So what instrument do you play Mas. I used to play tenor horn in my high school brass band. 😉

  5. Sometimes outside gigs can be dastardly! Glad this one worked out.

  6. Annika Perry says:

    What a great stadium and an honour to play at the opening ceremony. Congratulations!😀 and for once the rain held off until the right time!

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