First Sunday of Advent


This Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. Here in Stavanger that is the day the Christmas lights go on and the big tree is lit. This year I played with a group from my brass band at the opening of the ginger-bread-house town. There was a lot of people and the Christmas spirit high.


I got some Christmas cookies and enjoyed some Christmas soda like I usually do when the season starts for me. And the day was spent on the company of good friends.


Today I got to open the first gift in the lovely calendar my Mother made for me. I must say I’m really enjoying the season.



32 thoughts on “First Sunday of Advent

  1. Perfect shots for the WP snow!

  2. Annika Perry says:

    That is so sweet having a homemade Advent calendar and it looks like a fun day out on Sunday. The cookies look scrummy. By the way, I have seen many blogs today with the snow across the screen motif – how do you do that? Have a lovely evening – I bet it gets dark very early for you now.

  3. clanton1934 says:

    Dear masgautsen, I enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit with your post. Warm regards, Charles (Thanks for today’s “like”)

  4. Annika Perry says:

    Many thanks for your help Chris with the snow. Got it up and working but no slight problem with snow on white background! Ha!

  5. Beautiful! We never make Christmas cookies…We should. It’s part of the advent….togetherness,

  6. Sweet! Now, what’s Christmas soda?

  7. Allie P. says:

    The Christmas lights are starting to go up around here too which I enjoy as my daily commute is thoroughly dark.

  8. mopana says:

    Good cookies and delicious 🙂

  9. I love the Christmas season and so miss my advent wreath. I gave advent calendars to all my nieces but have not one of my own. Guess I’ll have to make one for next year. It looks so festive there and hope you didn’t freeze playing in your band. The cookies looked scrumptious. Thanks for letting me know where to find the snow. Got it done now though it plays heck with my vision. A bit distracting even though it’s fun. Have a silly day. 🙂

  10. Oh I’d like to get WordPress snow, but I don’t know how. However, love the photo you posted. It really sets the mood for the season, Masgautsen. 😀

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