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Photo from last year

As I have told you in earlier posts the weather here has been lovely lately, and the good news is that the forecast tells us that the good weather is going to stay with us for some time. I’m once again starting the season of preparations for the Norwegian  Championship for Brass Band and is spending this weekend in the lovely little village of Oltedal.  Even if I’m spending most of the time indoors I will get the opportunity to spend some time in the fresh air. I just hope that the roads stay ice and snow free so that getting there and going back again won’t be more exiting than it has to be.


Hope you’re all enjoying 2016. I would like to read some good posts and the WP reader seem to not show me all the great posts. So if you’ve written anything good or you have discovered something you think I should read please share a link!

35 thoughts on “Share a post!

      1. What if you made a separate folder for WordPress?

        I routed my WordPress e-mail notifications to a separate folder in my inbox, and that stopped the barrage of stuff to my inbox. But because I forgot that I did that, I’ve forgotten to look in there for the past 5 months or so…hahaha. Oops.

      2. Hehe, I have a separat folder and I visit when I get the opportunity. I think I would go a bit crazy if I got all the WP mail in my inbox.

  1. I really love your pics in this post. I notice my Reader doesn’t necessarily show every post of every blog I follow, either. That’s kind of annoying, but I follow almost 200 blogs, and I guess it only shows me the ones I engage with more often. I don’t know exactly how it works.

  2. We on the other hand, in Southern California, are experiencing an extremely cold winter! The last 3 days have been incredibly rainy and I can’t remember feeling a such cold in a long time. Was reading the comments and love the idea of having my notifications for WordPress go into a separate folder. Sometimes my email is so bogged down I can hardly catch up. I do have them monitored it so that they only come in once a week but even that it can get kind of crazy. I see some slip through during the week and that’s good because I really like to keep up with my favorite bloggers. I hope you get good weather for your brass band performance.

    1. The performance is not untill beginning of february, this weekend is just rehersals. I wouldn’t mind a bit of rain this weekend as I’m indoors rehersing most of the time, but it’s so cold that we’ll only get snow and ice and that’s not too nice when driving. I hope you’ll get nice weather for the weekend over in California.

  3. Lovely photos of the cold. We have the first day of frost this morning and are due for a cold snap next week! I prefer this to the cold wet damp rain, but like you hope the roads stay ice free – no risk of snow! Good luck in your competition, 😀😀

  4. I have over 1400 blog posts to catch up on. I got way behind before the holidays and not sure if I’ll ever catch up. I have separate e-mail addresses for my blog and my regular e-mail and I have one for junk email. Actually I have 5 different email addresses for different uses. My son has more. That way I know what I’m going to find when I check each address. It does help some. As for weather. We were hammered starting Sunday as my daughter was trying to fly out of the airport from Portland Oregon to San Fransisco California. The plane was late leaving because they need a second deicing truck. The shut down most of the city on Monday so her office was closed anyway. We have no facilities to clear ice and snow from our roads. It only happens once maybe twice every year or two so it’s not worth the expense to the city. Everyone stays home and waits it out. Buses with chains on still slid into poles. It’s a mess here when we get ice. Now we are back to our normal cold rain. :(. I hope your weather holds out for you and you do well with your playing. I bright spot in a dull winter. Enjoy every minute.

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