Evening walk

Lights on statue of Alexander Kielland makes a Nice effect

I have been quite busy at work lately and I had to go in on Saturday for a few hours. On Friday I was so tired that I had to turn down an invitation to join some friends eating at a nice burger place. And after work Saturday I really did not want to get up to too much. But after a few hours spent doing as little as possible, I decided that I needed some fresh air and decided to go for an evening walk in the town center.

Statue of Alexander Kielland in the town square

The weather was quite cold, but nice and crisp and perfect for walking, so going out for the walk was a good choice of evening activities. Today it is snowing and my walk earlier was cut a bit short and I went to eat some nice pancakes instead. As it is important to spend some time enjoying yourself over the weekend. I have been invited to go to my mothers house for dinner and was thinking of walking up to her house, but looking out the window I might leave that for another time.

Lake and music pavilion, evening time

Apart from working more than usual I have not been up to too much the last week and I hope that next week will bring a little more spare time, and that I will be inspired to do something other than work and go for walks.

Tree and skies

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend and that you will have a great week ahead.


Winter walking

This weekend we’ve had lovely winter weather. So I am happy that I had the opportunity to go out for a few lovely walks. 

The walks was lovely and som is the coffee you have when you get back to the warm apartment. 



Swords in Mountain

Woke up early today and the weather was amazing. Spring has not arrived at all but the sun is out even if it’s quite cold. I had to dropp of a borrowed car and decided to stop by a lovely place close to where I grew up and go for a little walk.


Hafrsfjord to me as a kid used to be a place you could hop on your bike and cycle to if you wanted to go for a swim in summer. Not the nicest beach in the area, but the closest. 

But the place is know for a very different reason. This is the place where King Harald Hårfarge gathered Norway into one kingdom. Before the country was ruled by many “kings” often at war with each other. This was back in the Viking age. He got his name Hårfarge (meaning The Fair-Haired) for his commitement not to cut his hair before Norway was United.


The three swords are a sculpture made by Fritz Røed and acts as a memorial of the ancient battle that unified us. And it has become a thing to see if you’re visiting Stavanger. And it a very nice place to go for an early morning walk in the sunshine.



Nice patterns in the frozen puddle

Found this frozen puddle on my walk on Sunday. Somehow the pattern that had formed reminded me of the painting “scream” by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch.


Frozen mini waterfall

I also liked how the water seems to have frozen on it’s way down to the ground.


Caution slippery