An Interview With An Actual Norwegian!

I was interviewed by Phil from the Phil Factor! I recomend you all to go visit his blog.

The Phil Factor

My guest this week is, as the title implies, someone from Norway. Maja Asgautsen is a blogger from Norway. I became curious about Norway after getting regular views from Norway over the last several months and they weren’t all Maja. My curiosity about Norway first lead me to make fun of it and while doing that I realized how little I really knew about the country. Maja, who has a really great blog which you should go visit, was kind enough to agree to my “interview” about Norway.

maja1. What is the one thing you’d like people from other countries to know about Norway? That we are actually a country and not the capitol of Sweden, or a city in Scandinavia.

2. When people from other countries visit Norway what are they most surprised by? Many of the tourists, especially from countries outside of Europe seem to be very surprised…

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21 thoughts on “An Interview With An Actual Norwegian!

  1. Nancy says:

    Now how cool was that! Congratulations! A great interview! I am proud that I have been a follower but now I have even more insight!

  2. I so loved reading all the information about Norway. We all have misconceptions about other countries. You did a good job of clearing them up. That was a beautiful picture of you.

  3. Great interview Maja – I reblogged it from Phil’s site 👍😃

  4. How cool! I love your answers. 😀

  5. mommermom says:

    Great interview! I really enjoyed getting to know you better. 👍

  6. M. L. Kappa says:

    Good interview. My aunt lived in Norway with her husband for many years, but I never got to visit, I was very young. When he retired, they came back to Greece. Norway has been on my list of,places to visit.

  7. You are becoming very famous now haha…and it’s good that you are helping people understand Norway a bit better. Well done!

  8. Anna says:

    Great interview and congratulations!
    Norway is a great country, but you could ski a little less fast.
    The Swedish skiers is so sad when they not win, haha 🙂

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