Norwegian Meat Cake (large meat balls)


I was asked lately if I could include a recipe for the Norwegian Meat Cakes I mentioned previous. I usually don’t use recipes as anything more than a general guideline, so all the ingredients are there, but the amounts are not absoulte. So here goes:

800 g ground beef
2 eggs
3 table spoons Potato flour
Ground ginger.

Mix the ingredients together and use a spoon and your hands to shape out some large meat balls. put them in a frying pan and dry them on both sides before putting them in the gravy and letting them simmer for a while.

This is tradtionally served with potatos, gravy, mushy peas, and lingonberry jam. 

Personally I prefer to serve it with sweet potato mash, carrots and mushroom.    

22 thoughts on “Norwegian Meat Cake (large meat balls)

    1. They are a bit to big for eating in a pasta. I think I would go for regular meat balls in pasta. Lingonberry are small red berries. Other english names seem to be cowberry and Lowbush Cranberry.

  1. I like the ginger and nutmeg addition too as well as potato flour. Have never heard of or used potato flour. Great idea and I’m with you on the sweet potato substitution. Those sound like great meatballs!

      1. No we don’t. You are correct. It is too hot here. I was doing some research on them (after your post) and they have become popular in the northern most states here. I guess they also sell lingonberry jam at Ikea which had introduced them to new areas. Next time I am there I will get a jar. ♡ Thanks for the info.

  2. This was always a staple at our house growing up! Meatballs and gravy is what we called it. Served over rice. Yummy and one among my list of “comfort foods”. Oh, and in true Southern fashion, we always had hot biscuits to go with it. My Mae Mae could whip yp a batch of biscuits before tou could blink-no recipe.

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