Getting more fit!

At work we have joined an initiativ to cycle or walk to work. For those of you who has been following me a while you know that I have no problem walking the 280 meters to work. But the point is to get people to get a bit more active in the everyday and you are to log all your work outs and you can win great prizes! You can join a team with up to four others from your company. An among  those on my team there are quite a few that is quite competative. This has given me a little kick behind to start logging my walks with an app that comunicates with the competition page.

Out walking in every weather

It also encourage me to get out even if the weather is not the best and to walk a little further and longer. Today I we already been out walking for one and a half hour. I’m hoping to see some results of this, not only for the sake of the competition, but also for my health and form before the summer.

Today my man comes home to me and I have a concert with my band and a few others at a nearby pub! Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend as much as me!

20 thoughts on “Getting more fit!

  1. What a great idea and with such lovely views I imagine many will take up this initiative. It’s a good idea to start it now as it’s much more tempting to walk /cycle in the warmer weather. Have fun logging your progress – I use a wii fit metre and enjoy logging my walks and climbs around the world – oh, if only they were re the real thing! Well, off for a walk before lunch…long weekend here in UK with Monday a holiday. Yipee! Enjoy your time with your chap.😀

    1. I think it’s a great idea and so far I’m enjoying it very much. I hope I can keep up all the 90 days of the challenge and also that I will keep it up afterwards. I use the app endomondo on my phone and so far I’m quite happy with it. Have a great weekend!

  2. It’s always more fun if you are doing it with someone. Competitions urge us on even when we want to be a little lazy. It’s 804 meters to my mailbox then I have to walk back. Up hill going, down back. I don’t walk it when it rains though. It will be dry today. 🙂 We all need more movement. Our bodies miss the days when we worked and played hard. Now only our minds do the work. Good luck with your challenge. Hope your team wins.

    1. I’ve done a 14,44 km walk so far today! And i’m quite pleased with myself. And that is with the weather being unstable. Hope you’re doing well and that your weekend is treating you great.

  3. I miss my dog. Time to search for another, hopefully a rescue dog. By the end of his 14 year life, he would get to the end of our block and just sit down. I had to start going without him. sigh…Nice post.

  4. It is a great weekend so far! Being fortunate to be retired will allow me to extend it clear through until Wednesday when we head to Las Vegas early this week. How fantastic to incorporate a healthy lifestyle with your everyday activities. Congratulations on your commitment and to those you work with for their willingness to kick it up a notch!

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