Evening walk

Lights on statue of Alexander Kielland makes a Nice effect

I have been quite busy at work lately and I had to go in on Saturday for a few hours. On Friday I was so tired that I had to turn down an invitation to join some friends eating at a nice burger place. And after work Saturday I really did not want to get up to too much. But after a few hours spent doing as little as possible, I decided that I needed some fresh air and decided to go for an evening walk in the town center.

Statue of Alexander Kielland in the town square

The weather was quite cold, but nice and crisp and perfect for walking, so going out for the walk was a good choice of evening activities. Today it is snowing and my walk earlier was cut a bit short and I went to eat some nice pancakes instead. As it is important to spend some time enjoying yourself over the weekend. I have been invited to go to my mothers house for dinner and was thinking of walking up to her house, but looking out the window I might leave that for another time.

Lake and music pavilion, evening time

Apart from working more than usual I have not been up to too much the last week and I hope that next week will bring a little more spare time, and that I will be inspired to do something other than work and go for walks.

Tree and skies

Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend and that you will have a great week ahead.


Another week over

This week has been very busy at work and I have been struggling a little bit with my sleep. This is not the best combination, but hopefully things will stabilize and my sleep will sort it self out. The first is a luttle unlikely, but the second usually do. I did manage to pay my mother a visit and to go see a friend of mine one evening, but apart from that and band I have not been up to much after work.

One of the many Iron men placed around Stavanger

While I described last weekend as busy, but good this weekend has mostly been a lazy one. Friday I was so tired coming home from work that after a little walk outside and some shoe shopping I just spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching Netflix. After such a lazy evening I went to bed early.

The going to bed early was a good thing as my habit of waking up early in the morning is not just present during the weekdays. So I had a nice quiet morning drinking coffee, reading blog posts and doing some work on my own blog for later. Friday came with so much snow that they had to close the runway at the airport for a few hours, but Saturday morning most of it was gone here in the center of town. I ran a few errands and then took to the sofa again, to watch some skiing and relax. I also made sure I got a good walk in seeing as the weather was sunny and the snow looked nice. The evening was yet again spent on the sofa with my man, Netflix, sushi and a beer or two.

Today is going to be spent on blogs, watching skiing on TV, hanging out with my friend and her little baby and going for a walk. To me this is a perfect weekend to balance the hectic week I had. I feel like, so far, I am keeping up with the goals I set for the year. Yes, I could always have done more or better, but I believe that by changing things slowly it’s easier to keep things up.

I hope the weather stays nice for the next week so that walking outside will be as good as this week. I don’t see things calming down at work for the week to come, but I am managing. I have caught up on some sleep this weekend and feel like I have the energy I need to meet a new week in the best possible way. The week will also bring with it the release concert for my friends new album, and I am very much looking forward to that.

Hope the week and weekend has been treating you well and that you are all doing your best to keep up with the goals for 2018. Unless you have found out that they didn’t work for you.

Walking on an island 

Not too far from our summer-house is a small town called Jørpeland. This is where we usually go shopping when we are on vacation. This year I decided to go for a walk on a small Island here that was just connected to the mainland by a walking bridge.

The weather wasn’t the best, but mostly it was only a slight drizzle. Luckily I had my rain gear on so I got to enjoy the nice new walking path out there.

There is an artist that makes nice tree sculptures that has made a lot of nice pieces for the park on the island.

 The nature around the island is quite nice and there is always something beautiful to look at.

Easter in Ireland 2017: Walking along the sea

Sorry for the long abcence, I’ve just been really busy lately and will continue to be so for a while, but I really missed my blig and you guys so I found the time to visit thr blogosphere and hope I’ll be better at making the time.

Dun Laoghire pier

When I was in Ireland this easter I did a lot of walking.

Public park

Walk way by the sea

James Joice memorial tree and quote

Sandycove – you can see the tower where James Joice spent some time writing that is now a museum

Public seimming spot. People were actually swimming!

Dun Laoghaire in the distance

Fit and Faboulous or Something


Weather is lovely

The weather continues to help me on my goal of getting more fit. It’s so nice to walk or stroll around soaking up all the vitamin D’s the sunshine gives you. Hopefully we’ll get a nice summer and my new regime won’t collapse when the challenge at work ends in a little while. But it’s not long untill I have a few weeks off work to relax and go for long walks at the summer house.

This weekend some lovely people arranged the bloggers bash. I’ve been reading some nice posts and I’m hoping I get a chance to go visit next year! Check out the winners blogs if you have a spare moment there are many good ones that deserve to be read. Sacha has them all on her blog https://sachablack.co.uk/2016/06/11/and-the-winners-of-the-bloggersbash-awards-2016-are/

Weekend walks


I spent some time at the summer house this weekend and it was wonderful to be out there to relax after a quite busy week.


View from a small top

The temperature has dropped somewhat, but the sun seems to be set on helping me reach my goal on getting more fit.


The sea an a Norwegian fjord on the horizon

Getting more fit!

At work we have joined an initiativ to cycle or walk to work. For those of you who has been following me a while you know that I have no problem walking the 280 meters to work. But the point is to get people to get a bit more active in the everyday and you are to log all your work outs and you can win great prizes! You can join a team with up to four others from your company. An among  those on my team there are quite a few that is quite competative. This has given me a little kick behind to start logging my walks with an app that comunicates with the competition page.


Out walking in every weather

It also encourage me to get out even if the weather is not the best and to walk a little further and longer. Today I we already been out walking for one and a half hour. I’m hoping to see some results of this, not only for the sake of the competition, but also for my health and form before the summer.

Today my man comes home to me and I have a concert with my band and a few others at a nearby pub! Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend as much as me!