Mid-summer Celebration at Kjeksevåg, Idse

Nice Bonfire by the sea

Yesterday we had our mid-summer celebration here by our summer house. The weather was lovely and spirit high. We started in the morning by cleaning the beach, cutting the grass near the beach and carrying things to burn on the bonfire.

Sun Starting to Set

During the day there was a fishing contest and evening there was a treasure hunt for the kids. And then there was the lighting of the bonfire. After eating lovely food of freshly caught crab as a starter and a wonderful barbequed beef for a main ending with ice cream bought from the ice cream van that dropped in.

Sun Set Advancing

All the people from the summer houses nearby was gathered down by the bonfire and we sat there enjoing the sunset, each others company and something nice in our glases.


23 thoughts on “Mid-summer Celebration at Kjeksevåg, Idse

  1. Sounds delightful. So nice to be able to enjoy the outdoors together with friends, neighbors and relatives. We sometimes forget how the best things in life can be the simplest. Very glad you had an enjoyable time.

  2. Sounds lovely. I can’t help but to always be amazed when I compared Norway to the US. Such differences. There are no bonfires on our beaches….. At least not in Southern California. We can fight for a precious Fire Ring to have a fire but one must show up very early and stay all day in order to ensure its availability. I guess it comes down to the crowds that we experience here. It may be different in other parts of our country. I’m really not complaining, I love it here. We just have to plan ahead. If I were to travel abroad I would have to put Norwayon my list of places to see. You make it sound so charming.

    1. Thank you it was lovely! You’re only allowed a bonfire if you apply for it and it can’t be to dry or too windy, but once a year for mid-summer celebrations there are many of them. It’s easier to get permition in the remote areas than near town. Norway can be very charming I can recommend a visit. I would like to visit California too some day.

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