Weekend Again 

It has been a very varied weekend. I’ve spent much time with family and I also found the time to go for some nice beer and cider with friends. The weather has been as varied as the things I have been up to. We got lucky enough with the weather when we where out and got to sit outside enjoying nice bevrages and good company. 

Today my aunt bought my whole family to a very lovely Sunday lunch bufet. They had an amazing selection of food and an excellent desert table that left me incabable of moving about much for the rest of the day. So the there is not any other plans for the rest of this weekend! And as the rain is pouring down, I’m enclined to say that the weather agrees with my planning. 

16 thoughts on “Weekend Again 

  1. Jolly good of the weather to fall in with your plans! 😀😀 Much the same here – rain this morning as we were preparing for a BBQ but since then sunshine with a touch of cooling breeze! Your aunt’s buffet sounds delicious…enjoy relaxing inside!

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