Yesterday the other half had a team building event with his job. So I decided that I deserved something nice too and I decided to visit a new-ish restaurant close to where I work called Yips – dumplings & digg. Meaning Yips – dumplings and nice stuff. I went with a Chicken Bao with deep fried chicken, chilli mayo and pickled carrot, a Salmon Bao with thinly sliced salmon, seeweed and mango and kimchi fries. I did not regret my choice!

Lovely food

I think it is important to spoil yourself from time to time and enjoy the things you like, if you have the opportunity. The rest of the week has been very uneventful, both at work and at home. The weather looks like it has decided that summer is on it’s way to pass to be replaced by a rainy fall very soon, but who knows there might be an Indian summer waiting for us before fall takes full control. But good food always lifts my spirit.

Now I have to go pack my bag because I’m leaving for our summer-house directly from work tomorrow, and I am really looking forward to it even if the weather forecast is quite bad. But it’s still more relaxing look out at the rain away from civilization. What are your plans this weekend?

37 thoughts on “Yips

      1. Thank you, Maja, I certainly will. I am meeting a friend for drinks and perhaps a meal also this evening. Then, on Sunday running my dog (off the lead in Crystal Palace Park) with a friend who also has a dog, then having a pub lunch. Kevin

      2. I forgot to mention that on Saturday I help a friend’s son with his poetry studies (for his GCSE poetry paper). Its only a few hours and I enjoy doing it, however analysing poems can be rather tiring but (when we talk about my own poetry) its interesting to get the perspective of a teenage boy on my writing!

      3. That sounds interesting Kevin. And I am sure the help is greatly appreciated. And getting a new perspective on your work is always interesting.

  1. Those look great! I love all types of food, and Baos are a terrific “hand food”…Saturday night we are going to The Hollywood Bowl, where they are showing “Jurassic Park” on a giant screen above the orchestra, who will be playing all of the film’s musical score LIVE!

  2. Maja, lovely food! Iโ€™ve never heard about that kind. Iโ€™m getting ready for a trip to the state of Washington. Celebrating two great-grand childrenโ€™s second birthday with families. ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ“šChristine

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