Wet weekend

Friday I went directly from work to our summer-house. The weather forecast for the weekend was not very good and Friday was supposed to be the best day, so I decided that I wanted to make the most of it. I went for a walk while it was still dry and after I sat outside enjoying the warm evening and the peace and quiet I get out here.

Later in the evening the rain started. I was inside by then so it did not bother me much. When I went to bed the rain was quite heavy and I got to lie in bed and listen to the sound of the rain on the roof before going to sleep. That is something I have liked ever since I was a kid. Just listening to the rain outside when you are comfortable and dry in bed.

When I woke up next morning it was still pissing down outside. The sound is not so nice in the morning. It just makes it harder to get out of bed. So I spent the morning reading some blog posts and the news before having to give up and go down for some breakfast and coffee. And to light a fire in the fire place to make sure it was nice and warm when my mother arrived later.

The rain decided to take a few breaks and we managed to get our new lawn mower up from the car and trim some of the hedges without getting soaked. And it was quite a good temperature as well. So all in all it was a very good day even if they said it would be misserable and wet.

Today has also started better than forecasted, but it’s time to enjoy a nice breakfast before packing up and going home.

12 thoughts on “Wet weekend

  1. In a drought at the moment but I too like the sound of the rain on my roof. I like moonlight shining through my bedroom window as well. I did trim my trees and bushes yesterday. That job never ends for me. Sundays I do nothing. I like your wooden furniture. I have one big wooden chair outside , and a bench in my woods. A mean squirrel does not like me sitting there. Scooby would Have him! Have a good week Maja. 🐱

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