Super Sunday, Moany Monday

A lovely morning walk

Sunday I had the chance to go for a lovely morning walk. It was warm, sunny and totally quiet. There was now wind and all you could hear around was the sound of the little birds. And I got to meet a cute little squirrel and a deer on my way down to the car when I was driving home.

The reason I had to leave the summer-house so early was that we were going for a nice bbq at some friends house with lovely food and wonderful company. We came home fat and content.

Despite having a lovely weekend I woke up a bit annoyed. My sholder and hip was complaining that I had slept a bit akwardly. The man who was servicing our heatpump had not been told about the arrangement I had made with the office of how he could let himself in, so I had to sort that over the phone when I was at work, and I could not do what I meant to do at work today because someone else did not provide me with the information I needed. The whole day was just one little thing going wrong after the other.

Luckily the day has ended with a nice evening so my mood is a lot better now.

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