Going back to Crete

Last year we decided to go to Golden Sands in Bulgaria instead of going back to the same hotel the we had been at two years in a row before that. It’s always good to try something different from time to time, but even if we had a good time it was not as nice as our holidays to Crete. So this year we decided to go back to «our» hotel in Agia Marina. So early Saturday morning I’m getting on a plane for a week of sunshine, swimming, relaxing and a lot of good food and drink. For me this is the perfect way to charge the batteries for a long and busy autumn and winter. In Norway the schools have started at this time so the holiday is cheaper and there are not so many people around as there is if we had taken the holiday in June, July or August. And it’s still usually a lovely temperature without being way to hot.

A photo from our hotel from a few years ago

I am looking forward to this so much I don’t have the words to describe it. But trying to contain it as best I can to make sure I don’t build it up too much in my head, so that I will be disappointed when it happens. As I booked the holiday in February I have had some time to look forward to it.

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