Sunday fun day

Lunch with a good friend

Yesterday I was a very good girl and did a lot of the stuff I needed to do. Including donating three full bags of clothes for charity and finally getting rid of some boxes that I had not yet unpacked from when we moved a year ago. So when I woke up this morning I could have a slow morning reading blog posts and drinking coffee. The weather today was lovely so I walked in to town to meet up with one of my friends for a little lunch. Afterwards I got myself a nice ice cream and enjoyed a slow stroll home in the lovely sunshine.


Ice cream from a nice place that make their ice cream properly. Vanilla and Cherry is what I went for today

When I got home I sat in the garden enjoying for a little while, before my mother and me got the bus back in to town to get some beer and dinner in one of the outdoor restaurants in the harbor.  The food was nice, the beer was good and we had a very enjoyable time chatting and enjoying the sunshine. When we went home we still did not need the light jackets we brought just in case.

Had some wonderful mussels for dinner in the sunshine 

Hope your Sunday (and the rest of the weekend) has been as nice as mine.

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