Street Art

In my home town of Stavanger Norway street art artist Dotmasters came over and put up some of his rude kids in a boring underground crossing. This artwork was ordered by the Nuart project that is a street art project here in town and the road authorities who is in charge of the maintenance of these underground crossings. They have been struggling with a lot of illegal spray painting and other vandalism here, but that has become so much better after this artwork came up.

A fire place and pictures on the nice pink wallpaper, that has slightly lost a bit of color since being sprayed on 

The artist, who’s name is Leon “Dotmasters” Seesix, told the local newspaper that he found inspiration for his rude kids in his own daughter. The kids he has put up is spray painting, fighting and flipping the finger, but also as you can see, protesting and skating. His rude kids can also be found in towns like Aberdeen, Paris, Liverpool and London, But also in Bali and New Zealand.

Kids with posters “protesting” 

When the artist left a few blank white areas that the local kids could decorate, that was done almost immediately. Sadly I missed the “opening” of this back in June because I was away, but the artist gave a guided Street art tour of Stavanger. That is something that would have been very interesting, but you can’t have it all.

The first rude kid is pointing you in the direction of the rest of the artwork

I do really like projects like this, as this was previously a very boring concrete wall in the underpass. It has made my walk to work a little bit more aesthetically pleasing as I am walking past this every day.

20 thoughts on “Street Art

  1. I always have mixed views about graffiti and so called ‘street art’ but these look good.
    Did I ever tell you that I once spent a weekend in nearby Haugesund – that could have done with some cheering up but to be fair it was January!

  2. These are so cool. I just traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas and they had some really cool street art and art installations. Check out my most recent blog to see what I posted about it!

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