Spring weekend

Old canning factory

This weekend has had a very spring like feeling. After sending a me day on friday I had a relaxing evening and a chilled out morning. After that I had a entertainment competition with my band. It was all good fun and not a serious thing. The highlight of the competition was a visiting band from Wales. Consisting mostly of elderly people that started playing late in life.

Street Art in centre of Stavanger

When I had played in the competition, I hurried home to go change for one of my best friends’ 30th birthday party. There was sooo much good food and the company was great. We enjoyed some fun party games and a few drinks.

So today started a bit slow. I went out for a nice breakfast and the weather was so nice that I went for a good long walk by the sea through an old industrial area that is slowly but surely is being done up quite nicely in the old style.

Art made on a wall after a little fire

Now I will go back to the wonderful #sundayblogshare at the “big up your blog” group at Facebook and enjoy some good blog posts.

Last Concert


Farmer Street Art

This week I played my last concert with my band. The concert was great and there was quite a lot of people there. It was held in a small town in the country side. Right next to the concerts venue there was a very large piece of street art of a farmer.


Sunny day

Next year I’m going to play with a different band that rehers a lot closer to where I live.


More Street Art

Street Art and an Annoyance


Street art on a house

As I usually do I’ve been on a long walk today. I’m pleased that I got a good walk in in between the women and men’s biathlon competitions.


Street art at the theathre

I fond some cool pieces of street art and got some photos of some of them.


Art in my hall

This colourful piece is just inside the front door at my building. Can you spot what’s annoying me a lot about this?