Holiday in Crete #3: Food and drink

Crete has so much nice food and drink, and I really like food and drink so that is a very good match. We had a stay with all included as we spend most of our time at the hotel, by the beach or pool all day. But we did go out for quite a few dinners to get a change from the food that was served, even if there was nothing to complain about with the hotel food.

Cretan version of a bruschetta called Dakos, toasted dark bread, tomatoes, olive oil and cheese

Often when you go out to eat the restaurants give you some complementary garlic bread or the tasty Dakos that you can see in the picture above.

Saganaki,  fried cheese

One of the appetizers that you are encouraged to try by a lot of the restaurants is called Saganaki. Saganaki is a fried cheese and got it’s name by the little frying pan it is made in. It is served with lime. It is quite tasty, but I have to say that a full one would be way too much for me. Sharing one is more than enough.

Wonderful olives and rose wine

Crete has a lot of olive trees and the olives you get there are amazingly tasty, as I love olives I usually try to eat a lot when I am there. Local rose wine is also very nice in the heat.

A very tasty beer from a local brewery

Beer is also a tasty treat in the heat and the beer in the picture above is from a local micro brewery in Platanias, they make 3 different sorts of beer and I would really like to go on a brewery tour at some stage. It is a good beer and I preferred this to their darker beers, mostly because I find the lighter ones to be better in the heat.

Mix grill plate, to give you the meat sweats

A lot of the cuisine in Crete is based on grilled meats and vegetables, in a typical mix platter you will find a Souvlaki (grilled meat on a stick), lamb chops, keftedes (Greek meatballs), chicken breast and sausages. I enjoy grilled meats, but one of these plates would be way too much for me to eat.

Mushroom risotto

Everywhere you go you can get Italian inspired food like pizza, pasta and risotto. When my other half had his mixed grill, I decided to go for a mushroom risotto.

My choice from the desert section at the hotel

I have mentioned in previous posts that Crete has a lot of wonderful fruit and I had quite a lot of it. I also decided to try the baclava that you can find a lot of places. It is way to sweet for me, but it is something we always have to bring some home of to some friends.

Small jars of chocolate mousse and a ouzo cocktail

A lot for the restaurants will offer you some Raki (local digestive spirits) after the meal and some serve Ouzo and they give you a sweet little treat. Not being a fan of the Raki I was very happy when one of the restaurants gave us a Ouzo cocktail and some cute little jars of chocolate mousse  that tasted very good.

Tasty cocktails at the beach bar

Next to the hotel we stayed at is a good restaurant and beach bar with nice food, a good atmosphere and lovely cocktails and we had to drop by taste a few.

31 thoughts on “Holiday in Crete #3: Food and drink

  1. Well, now you are speaking to me! I loved all of these dishes: I understand how a single one may be too much, but sharing those plates made for an incredibly varied meal of local specialties…I love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve got to say that all looks delicious. I do know what you mean about being bored by ‘all inclusive’ hotels. It’s a bit like a post motorway services! Great post, Mas.

  3. This post has me drooling. I LOVED the food in Crete. You know, the thing I loved most of all was a courgette and feta croquette. If you see those on a menu, try them straight away. I had to learn how to make them as I loved them so much.

    Oh! and spinach pie. spanakopita is the best!!

  4. Just looking at the photos made me want to go look at some travel destinations and their food. Indeed, not only the scenery is the one that catches us in our travels but also the food too.

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