Holiday in Crete #4: Chania

Church by the Venetian harbor

One of the days of my week in Crete the weather in the afternoon was not forecasted to be great, so I decided to spend an afternoon in the town of Chania. Chania is the largest town in the region of Chania and it is only a short bus ride from Agia Marina where we were staying.


The town is divided in an old and a new part, where the old part with the Venetian harbor is a very lovely area. Walking the old harbor and just enjoying the lovely atmosphere is something I found very enjoyable. The weather forecast was not correct and it ended up being quite a warm day. There were quite a lot of people there, but I would imagine it will be even more crowded in June, July and August. And I am glad that we were there when there was fewer people, as I am not a big fan of crowds.


After I had my little stroll along the harbor I sat down for a coffee to just watch the people walk by and enjoy the wonderful view around me. And it was also nice to sit in the shade after getting a bit over-heated walking in the sun.

Venetian buildings

After the little break I decided to go looking in the little shops in the quite tight little allies in the old part of town, just behind the harbor. There were some really cute shops here, but I got so busy trying to find a few items I wanted to get as presents for the people back home that I didn’t get any photos. I did not do much shopping in the end, but I had a great time looking.

A lovely harbor

I also made my way to the new part of town and had a look in some of the modern shops, that basically are the same as the ones you’ll find at home, but there is something nice about looking in shops abroad. I did not buy anything, but I had a great afternoon looking.

Cute part of town

When I got tired of walking around I went back to the bus station to find the bus back to my hotel. The bus service in the area is quite good and the staff at the bus station were very helpful in pointing out where to go and what bus you should get on, and it is a cheap way of getting around. The timetable for the bus seemed to be rather like a suggestion rather than an actual time, but as the buses ran quite often and just going to the bus stop and waiting worked just fine for me.

Market building

All in all I had a very enjoyable afternoon in town and my other half was very happy that I did not drag him along, as he does not enjoy shopping.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend.

18 thoughts on “Holiday in Crete #4: Chania

  1. I’m not much of a shopper either. I like looking around, but can see all the shops in fifteen minutes. My wife could spend the day doing that, then lament for more time. It looks like a lovely place to vacation, and scheduling away from the crowds was probably a good idea.

  2. It is SUCH a lovely town isn’t it. We spend the last night of our honeymoon there so I have great memories of eating a perfect breakfast on the roof overlooking that habour. I’m glad you liked it too.

    If you ever go back, it is beeeautiful when lit up at night.

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