Weekend of Visit

I had a prawn sandwich and the boys had a lovely Fish soup

This weekend we had a visitor over from Ireland. We had a lovely time, even if we did not have great weather. And we got to be tourists in our own town, Our guest arrived 3 hours delayed on Thursday evening, so we did not get up to much after he arrived.

View from Ullandhaug tower

On Friday I met my other half and our visitor after I had been to work and they had been to the Oil museum, and we took a stroll around the town centre and had a nice meal. And then we took atvantage of the fact that it was not raining and we walked back to the house.

Swords in Mountain in Hafrsfjord 

Saturday we visited Ullandhaug Tower, the highest point of the city to get a good view, if the weather had been better we could have seen more, but I think we should say we were lucky to have a few hours without rain. We also drove to see the swords in the Mountain monument, that is put up in rememberance of the Viking Battle where Norway was gathered to one Kingdom.

My mother dropped off some plums 

After the tour on Saturday we went in to town for a meal and to meet up With a few other friends for a couple of beers in the pub.


Art exibit at Hå gamle prestegård

Sunday came With quite the storm, som after having secured the garden and taken a few kilos of plums off my mothers hands, we drove out to a lighthouse and an old farm that is really vlose to the sea. The wind made the views quite dramatic, but we could not stay outside in one place too long.  But we made a nice stop for coffee and Norwegian pastry.

Sea houses at Ølberg beach

We visited a few lovely spots along the coast, before we had a lovely Sunday lunch at a beach hotel on the beach right next to the airport. The Food was both lovely and plentiful, so we headed home again afterwards and decided it was best to enjoy the storm from the comfort of our home. And we had a good evening of watching a film an chatting.

Some of the plums were made in to jam

I had to og home and pack a bag for my trip to Denmark with work today and I also had to do something about all the plums I had recieved. I decided to make some plum jam as that was all I had room for in my freezer.

The storm from yesterday had quiet down and I must say I am very happy that I don’t have to go out in a boat in that weathe, I just hope it stays relatively calm for our trip. Hope all of you have an enjoyable week!

10 thoughts on “Weekend of Visit

  1. I’m glad you had a weekend full of fun things to with company. That’s when I see things in my town that I rarely if ever see. Weather may slow you down but not stop you. It’s been more cloudy and rainy here than usual. I kind of like it. Makes you want to cozy up but travel would not be as much fun. Hope you get to enjoy some of Denmark while there.

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