Holiday in Crete #5: Iolida Beach Resort

Pool in the evening

All three times we have visited Crete we have stayed in the same hotel. To some this might seem a bit boring, but I am mostly thinking along the lines of why change a winning team. We really enjoying ourselves there. The facilities are good and the staff is really friendly. I’d say that the likelihood of us going back is quite strong.

Sheet and towel art on the bed

“Our” hotel is called Iolida Beach and is part of a small group of hotels called Smile Hotels, and smile we do when we are there. Iolida is in the little place called Agia Marina in the Chania region close to the slightly larger town of Platanias. And we did walk the 35 minutes over to Platanias some of our evenings.

Beach and pool bar

As was the plan for the holiday I spent most of my days lying on a sun bed either on the beach or by the pool. It took all of 1 minute to move from the beach to the pool so I really did not have to move far to go for a swim in either. In general I prefer to swim in the Mediterranean than in the pool, but some days there was a fair bit of wind in the afternoon and the lifeguards on the beach would get you out of the water due to big waves and some undercurrents. But all mornings it was a wonderful swim and the beach is really lovely with soft sand. There were a few bricks lying on the beach, but apart from them the beach was clean and nice.

Hotel beach

When the sea was off limits, if you are not too happy being dragged under the water and having to swallow a lot of sea water, I did my swimming in the pool. When I was not busy swimming or doing nothing, I ate good food and had nice drinks. And just to do something else I had some walks along the beach.

View from the bar

After a busy time before leaving and expecting an even busier time ahead, this was just what I needed to charge my batteries. And when I was treated by my man to a massage in the hotel spa, I felt even better.

Enjoying a beer and olives at the veranda

After a long day on the sun bed, it was part of the holiday ritual to enjoy a shower, put on after sun lotion and then enjoy a beer and some olives on the veranda before going out to dinner. We had a great time.

Last day towel art and goodbye note

This weekend we are busy with a visitor from Ireland and being hosts and tourist guides.

Tomorrow after work I am going for a trip with work to Denmark, by boat. So I will do my best to keep you posted on what is going on.

Hope your weekend has been a good one and that the rest of your Sunday is everything you wish it will be.

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