Boat trip to Danmark

Monday this week I went to work as I usually do. But after the normal work day we had a session where we were informed about all the stuff going on in the organisation and one session about stress management. It was interesting and inspiring. Then a bus came to collect us and took us to the ferry.

A model of the boat we went on
A model of the boat we went on

Once we got on the boat and had put our luggage in our cabins and then we met for a nice late dinner. It was a buffet with a lot of good food and drinks. It was time for a little drink and some entertainment before going to bed after a long eventful day.

My cabin on the boat

The next morning we were up early ready for Denmark. More on that later. But after we came back to the boat in the evening we got dinner again and sailed away just as the sun was setting. So the view that came with the food was quite spectacular.

Sunset with dinner

After dinner the waves started. Luckily I don’t get seasick, but it started to get so wavy that I decided to go to bed quite early. I did not get to sleep too much as I was close to falling out of my bed several times over the night.

It was early up next morning and the bus collected us to go back to the office for a new working day. I felt like I was still at sea for the rest of the day. And it even felt like I was still on a rocking boat when I went to bed that evening.

Oh, and today, just a few minutes ago my brother won Norway’s largest marathon!

15 thoughts on “Boat trip to Danmark

  1. Oh dear! Those waves would have done me in. I would be dressed in a life jacket all night. 🙂 Sounds like the company is going all out here. Congratulations to your brother. That is quite a feat to accomplish!

    1. Thank you. The trip to Danmark cost less than doing it in Norway, so they decided to do it this way this Year. It really was an amazing run from my Brother. Hope your weekend treats you well.

  2. The boat trip you mentioned here made me chuckle a bit (no offense meant to you though). I have taken many a boat and ferry rides, sometimes on turbulent waters as well, but never got seasick. Yet I don’t know why I am afraid of boat or ship rides.
    Will remember your recommendation and avoid taking any water route between Norway and Denmark

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