Weekend of visits again

BBQ lit up

September apparently is a popular month for visits. This week we had a friend from England over for a visit. As he used to live here before moving back there were quite a few people to meet up with. On Friday we only just had time make and enjoy some pizza before going out for a few beers with a friend who is also from England in our usual pub. We had a good night out and went home as the music was turned up in the pub to get home at a decent hour.

Belarusian cake 

Saturday the weather was amazing and some of our friends had invited us over for a BBQ. They just had a baby 3 weeks ago and we where there to celebrate and say hello to the new world citizen. A few other people we know joined us, with their two kids who put on quite the show after the food. We ended up being quite the international group, with a Norwegian, an Irishman, two English, a Belarusian, a French and an Australian. It was quite a good day out enjoying the sun, some bbq and good people. After this we went to the pub again to meet more people, I was happy to be the driver and glad that we did not stay out too long.

Popcorn money and tickets to see the show

Sunday also showed up with lovely sunshine and time for another bbq to meet even more good friends. After a big breakfast, I did some baking so we had some home made buns to bring to the bbq. This time there was also a lot of very tasty food, great company and good weather. We left very content and extremely full.

BBQ again with loads of delicious food

The boys are going out to meet up with a few more people, but I feel quite tired and have decided to stay home and enjoy the rest of the evening on the couch with my computer enjoying the blogosphere. Sometimes you reach your limit of socializing and lately I have done a lot more of it then I would usually do.

What have you been up to this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Weekend of visits again

  1. That sounds like a great weekend! My wife and I went to The Hollywood Bowl for the annual “Sound Of Music Singalong” and it was a blast…I will be posting pics and video from it next week!

  2. I love those impromptu international outings. When I lived in Aachen, it seemed every time I was out with a group of four, we had four countries represented. Now I move back and forth between New Orleans and Guanajuato, Mexico — both great places but not quite as international in every outing. And speaking of pubs and pizza, in all out-of-the-way towns in all the coutries I’ve visited, there’s two things you can count on: a pizza restaurant and in Irish pub 🙂

    1. Thank you, I love them too! You are very right in that you can always find pizza and Irish pub. I am Norwegian but as my other half is Irish we hang around international people, and I think it is a good thing.

  3. It’s nice to have so many friends to exchange conversation with and multicultural makes it even better. I’m with you. I can handle just so much of socializing. My daughter will go to her room and say, “I’m peopled out”. She’s even more introverted than I am. I love people but in small doses. Glad you had fun then got some rest.

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